Kaleidescape provides a control module for AMX NetLinx processors. This module provides control for the Kaleidescape onscreen display (OSD), as well as standalone touch panel control (SATP) and keypad control for music zones. A single module can control every zone in a Kaleidescape System via RS-232 or TCP/IP.

Touch panel templates are also available for the following types of touch panels:

  • OSD Video

    Displays the Kaleidescape System onscreen display on the touch panel, along with other controls.
  • OSD No Video

    Delivers text-based details for all content. The touch panel replicates the details page for each movie or album while browsing the onscreen display.
  • Standalone

    Provides text-based music controls on touch panels in rooms without video displays (e.g., hallways).
Models Resolution OSD Video OSD No Video Standalone Last Updated
MVP-7500 640x480 - Download Download January 2011
MVP-5200i, NXD-1000Vi, NXD-700Vi, NXD-CV5, NXT-CV10, NXT-CV10/PB, NXD-CV10, NXD-CV7, NXT-CV7 800x480 Download Download Download January 2011
NXT-CA12, NXD-CA12, MVP-8400, MVP-8400i 800x600 - Download Download January 2011
NXD-1200V, NXT-1200V, NXD-1200VG, NXT-1200VG, NXT-CV12, NXD-CV12 800x600 Download Download Download January 2011
NXD-1500VG, NXT-1500VG, NXT-CV15, NXD-CV15 1024x768 Download Download Download January 2011
NXT-1700VG, NXD-1700VG, NXT-CV17, NXD-CV17 1280x768 Download Download Download January 2011
AXT-CP4, AXD-CP4, AXD-CV6 320x240 - - Download January 2011
AXT-CA10, AXD-CA10, AXM-CA10 640x480 - - Download January 2011
AXT-CV10, AXD-CV10, AXM-CV10, AXT-CG10, AXD-CG10, AXM-CG10 640x480 Download - Download January 2011
MIO-R4 240x320 - - Download January 2011