4K Upgrade for Premiere Customers


4K Upgrade for Premiere Systems
Information for Kaleidescape Customers

Many owners of Kaleidescape Premiere systems have expressed interest in upgrading to the new Kaleidescape Strato movie player so they can enjoy 4K Ultra HD movies in their homes.

For some of these customers, it makes sense to simply replace their Premiere system with a new Strato system, and convert their disc library into digital downloads. Other customers, however, want to retain the ability to play disc content. Strato cannot play discs – only content that has been downloaded from the Movie Store. So, a Strato cannot be a player in a Premiere system.

To address this customer need, we designed a solution that gives you the best of both worlds – full access to Kaleidescape Movie Store content, including 4K Ultra HD movies, along with seamless access to all the movies on your Premiere system. Your Premiere system will retain its ability to import content from disc, as it does today.

This new solution is called Kaleidescape Co-Star.

Please note that although this document refers to Premiere systems, the upgrade program will also be available for second-generation Cinema One systems, and for Alto players.


After you decide which zones will be upgraded to 4K, your dealer will select the appropriate Strato players for your installation. You can upgrade only one zone, or multiple Premiere zones.

In each zone that you want to upgrade to 4K, your dealer will pair a new Strato player with your existing Premiere player, and connect both players to a small automatic video switch supplied by Kaleidescape. The player settings will be adjusted to complete the pairing.

The Strato presents the user interface and handles the playback of all content downloaded to the Strato system, including 4K content. You will see a single, unified movie library on the onscreen display. When you play a movie that is stored on the Premiere system, the A/V source is automatically switched from the Strato to the Premiere player, which plays the movie. Strato relays control commands to the Premiere player, so playback appears as if the movie were playing on the Strato.



4K Upgrade for Premiere Systems

1. Does this feature change how I browse and play movies?

No. You will see all your movies in one interface, on the Strato. You can play any movie, scene, song, or extra, just as you do today. When you play content that is on the Premiere system, the switch to the Premiere player is automatic.

2. Which Premiere players can be paired with Strato players?

The M300, M500 and M700 players can be paired with Strato. If you have older Premiere players, your dealer can replace them with an appropriate M-Class player.

3. I have a multi-zone Premiere system. Can I upgrade every zone to Strato? Must I?

Your dealer can install a Strato player in any zone where you want 4K. Strato is compatible with 1080p HD and even 720p displays, so you can install it in a zone where there is no 4K display. This will make the content downloaded to the Strato system available in the 1080p or 720p zone. Strato has considerably more processing power than previous-generation players, making Kaleidescape’s onscreen user interface more fluid, with animations running at a full 60 frames per second. You will see the difference, even at 1080p or 720p.

4. Can I still import discs onto my Premiere system after the upgrade?

Yes, the Premiere system will still be able to import discs as it does today.

5. How do I import discs after the upgrade?

Just as you do today. Discs can be imported onto your Premiere system using a Disc Vault, or an M500 player.

6. My system plays DVDs from the Disc Vault. Does that work with this feature?

Yes. Any movie that your Premiere player can play today can still be played when your Premiere player is paired with a Strato, including movies that play from the Disc Vault.

7. Can the Premiere system continue to store Movie Store downloads?

Yes. You can keep your existing Movie Store downloads on your Premiere system, and continue to download DVD quality and Blu-ray quality movies to it if you wish. However, downloaded movies stored on your Strato system will start playing more quickly. 4K Ultra HD and 4K HDR movies must be stored on your Strato system.

8. If I don’t upgrade every zone with a Strato player, how do my un-paired Premiere players behave?

Exactly as they do today. They can play any content stored on your Premiere system.

9. I have my own favorite scenes, collections, customized metadata and scripts on my Premiere system. What happens when I upgrade to Encore?

Scenes, collections, and customized metadata are all presented through the Strato user interface. Scripts are not currently supported on Strato. [Note: Support for user-created collections is not yet implemented. See here for more details.]

10. What about the music features of the Premiere system?

The music features of a Premiere player cannot be accessed once the player is paired with a Strato. If you wish to continue using the music capabilities of your Premiere system, you will need an un-paired Premiere player to access them.

11. Does this feature work with Cinema One?

Yes. Strato can be paired with a second-generation Cinema One player.

12. I have a system with Alto players, and a Disc Server. Is this feature available for my system?

Yes. You can pair a Strato with an Alto player. Playback will switch automatically to the Alto when necessary (e.g., to play a Blu-ray disc from the Disc Server).

13. I have a home automation system that controls my players. Will it need to be reprogrammed?

The feature is designed so that no control system changes are required in most installations.

14. You mention a “small automatic switch”. Can I just use my existing video switch?

No. You must use the Kaleidescape-supplied switch.

15. Does this feature replace the Migration plan you previously announced?

Yes. We have chosen this approach because it allows us to bring the feature to market more quickly, and it has several advantages compared to the original plan.

16. Will you eventually support playback of DVD and Blu-ray discs from a Disc Server on Strato?

We have no plans to support this feature.

17. Are there any limitations in functionality while using Co-Star?

In order to deliver Co-Star in a timely fashion, some features were deferred from the initial software release. We plan to address these limitations in future software updates. You can see a current list of these limitations here.