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A Look Inside Movie Guide: Kaleidescape Scenes

September 16, 2013

The triggers on the Kaleidescape System that enable instant start, Kaleidescape Scenes, songs and extras are not automatically generated. A team of dedicated Movie Guide Specialists view each disc and manually set the marks, known as bookmarks, that enable these features as well as the queues that dim the lights, adjust your screen for masking and much, much more.

Kaleidescape Scenes

The most exciting of these bookmarks are the Kaleidescape Scenes. Anyone can tell you where a movie starts or ends, but the craft needed to isolate the best parts, the moments associated with making the film great, takes real skill to identify. Kaleidescape Scenes have turned movie night into a truly interactive experience. If you don’t have two hours to enjoy a film, you can quickly enjoy the best parts in less than thirty minutes. If you don’t want to have a quiet night in front of the screen, you can pass around the iPad and jump from your favorite comedy scene to your favorite song.

Kaleidescape Scenes

What are some of your favorite Kaleidescape Scenes? 

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