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Blu-ray Quality Upgrades

May 30, 2014

As technologies continue to evolve have you replaced your laser discs and VHS tapes with DVDs, only to replace them again with the Blu-ray version? Do you sometimes feel bamboozled by having to re-purchase your movies at full price over and over again with each new format?

A fantastic feature in the Kaleidescape Store is the option to upgrade DVDs to the full Blu-ray quality for just $5.99. And we’re not talking about some compressed “HD” version that has sacrificed its sound quality, or some streamed file that will drop you down to 720p because your neighbor is watching Game of Thrones. Our Store is the cutting-edge way to download full, bit-for-bit Blu-ray files that are identical to the disc.

There’s no denying that the quality level between DVD and Blu-ray is significant. Blu-ray discs allow for five times more information than DVDs, allowing room for better quality audio, video and supplements. These enhancements provide a crisper picture, more vibrant colors and richer sound.

Blu-Ray vs. DVD

So, if you bought The Matrix back in the day and would rather not pay upwards of $20 to get the shiny Blu-ray version—you don’t have to! For just $5.99, you will get the full Blu-ray quality version of the movie if you upgrade via the Kaleidescape Store.

Movies that you upgrade in the Kaleidescape Store also come with an UltraViolet copy. So you can have a copy locally at home and a mobile copy when you are on the go. Another added bonus is that upgrading to the Blu-ray quality version download means NO discs, so you can free up a slot in your vault.

So what are you waiting for? Look now to see a complete list of all the movies in your collection that are eligible for upgrades!

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