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Covers View in the Kaleidescape App for iPad

February 6, 2014

Every week, we get emails from our customers and dealers around the world with requests for new features in our iPad app. One of the most requested features is one we have in our onscreen menu, but hadn’t yet implemented in our app. In the app update (version 1.5) we just launched, we have made the most requested feature, our signature Kaleidescape Covers View, available to all those using our iPad app.

Here’s a short video showing Covers View in action, featuring our very own Principal Evangelist, Eric Larsen.

Here are some things that are good to know:

1) To access Covers View from the movies or music tab, tap on the covers button.

2) For those of you who love all the gestures available on iPads, shake the iPad to shuffle covers (it’s more of a flick of the iPad and not a jump up and down to shake!). You can also just select a movie, and covers will automatically shuffle to show you the titles most closely related to the one you selected.

3) Now, for my favorite part about Covers View that you can only use in our app – you can filter the covers you see, so you only see your action movies, or only see covers of all your Ryan Gosling movies (that one’s for you, Becky!), or only see covers of all your Beatles albums. Sweet, huh? We thought so.

Fun fact about this particular “feature,” it was originally considered a bug that you could filter what you see in Covers View because that’s not the way it works in our onscreen menu. But, we loved that we could see covers of something in particular so much that it became a feature!

It’s been super fun to work on this feature with Chris Zamara, our app developer. He really outdid himself this time with all the gorgeous animation effects associated with Covers View and Cover Shuffle. Nicely done, CZ! We hope you enjoy this new feature as much as we have enjoyed working on it!

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