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Defining Luxury

May 6, 2014


At Kaleidescape, we do not make the movie screen. We don’t make the seats, the projector, or the speakers. A home theater “works” without a Kaleidescape System, but it is not a luxurious experience. The seats may be comfortable, but without Kaleidescape, you have to keep getting up to put discs into Blu-ray players. The projector may look great, but you’ll spend so much time looking at previews, menus, and ads that by the time the movie starts, you’ll be half asleep. Your speakers might be the best but without a high-end source device, the sound will be less than inspiring. With Kaleidescape, you get a home theater experience that delivers your movies and music at the highest quality, with instant access to incredible cinematic moments and an experience that’s easy to use and enjoy. Kaleidescape is, by definition, luxury.

Quality That Can Be Seen and Heard


As would be expected when discussing luxury goods and services, quality jumps to the front of the class. With Kaleidescape, you’ll enjoy full Blu-ray quality movies—no audio or video compression—that you can conveniently download from the Kaleidescape Store, the only Blu-ray quality movie download store in the world. Your movies will sparkle with true Blu-ray quality video, and thump with the original DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD soundtracks.

From Zero to Blu-ray in Seconds

Kaleidescape Movie Player

With Kaleidescape, you simply press Play and you’ll get to the opening scene of your movies faster than with any other system in the world. No previews, menus, or ads. And if you are not in the mood for a full-length film, you can take advantage of Kaleidescape Scenes and Songs. So when you only have 30 minutes, you can enjoy the best scenes from The Hunger Games back to back. Or let your five-year-old watch her favorite song from Frozen instantly. It is this level of control that enables Kaleidescape to transcend home theater and immerse you in the true art of cinema.

An Immersive, Intuitive Experience

Kaleidescape Interface

Your entire movie collection is presented beautifully onscreen and automatically organized in a digital library. Explore your movies with the engaging Covers View, the customizable Collections View, or the elegant List View. No more straining your neck to read the titles on the DVD spines on your bookshelf. You can easily search and sort all your movies by genre, director, actor, and more. And you can control your entire collection conveniently from your iPad—and make your selection in a heartbeat. With Kaleidescape, finding a movie is fun again.

These are all experiences you only get with a luxury product.

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