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Divergent (Lionsgate, 2014)

July 22, 2014

In the film world of Divergent, society is divided into five distinct factions based on human virtues. Those who don’t fit, those who can think independently, “Divergents,” are considered threats to the social order. Each year, 16-year-olds undergo a serum-based aptitude test that indicates the faction into which they would best fit, then they must choose to either stay with the faction they were born into, or undergo physical tests to enter a new faction.


During her aptitude test, Beatrice “Tris” Prior discovers she is Divergent. She knows she must keep this fact a secret to protect herself as she enters the physical testing phase. To prove her bravery and physical prowess, Tris competes in a series of tests to win a place within Dauntless.

Divergent 1

As she trains, Tris uncovers a government plan to destroy all Divergents. Together with her trainer “Four,” she must keep her secret hidden and discover what it is that makes being Divergent such a threat to those in power.

Divergent 2

Based on the #1 New York Times best-selling novel, Divergent is part one in a four-film series. Download and enjoy it today!

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