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Hidden Gems in the Kaleidescape iPad App

April 8, 2014

The Kaleidescape iPad App offers a long list of features, including searching by director or cast, Common Sense Media and Rotten Tomatoes ratings and an integrated controller, to name a few. Below are some “hidden gems” in the app that you should definitely take advantage of.

Scene Surfing

Kaleidescape iPad App

Turn movie night into a party with Kaleidescape Scenes. Start playing a scene and queue up the next one to become a scene DJ for your friends and family. Simply navigate to “Collections” where you will find a list of all the movies you own with scenes.


Last week after posting about “Hidden Gems” in the Kaleidescape iPad App, we got a lot of feedback about the mention of queuing scenes. Let me clarify how I use the app to create a seamless show of scenes for my friends.

When a scene is playing, as my friends enjoy it, I browse for the next one to show, and then I hit “play” as soon as the previous scene ends. As simple as it seems, this technique (which I consider a “hidden gem”) blows people away. As my friends watch and enjoy a scene, I anticipate what they might want to see next. I listen as they make comments and then surprise them by immediately playing a scene someone mentioned. This real-time way of entertaining my guests is like being a scenes DJ.

Try this next time your friends are over, and I guarantee you will impress them!

Isolated Covers View

Kaleidescape iPad App

In the app, when you have preselected a genre, director, actor, rating or collection, you can then enter the Covers View and see an isolated visual array of your selection. Shake the iPad or select a cover and see more recommendations for you in your unique category. This was first considered a bug, but was found so useful that we decided to push it to production.

Buy Movies

Buy Movies on Kaleidescape iPad App

Jump to the Kaleidescape Store instantly and download hot new releases like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, take advantage of sale prices on our Collector’s Promotions or discover a forgotten favorite while browsing through genres.

Our free app is a must-have for bringing your movie night to life.

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