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March 18, 2014

We talk a lot about how Kaleidescape is great for movie collectors, film buffs and A/V aficionados, but there’s a whole other demographic that our products are great for—kids.

If there’s one thing to miss about your old VHS tapes it’s that, for the most part, they were pretty indestructible blocks of plastic. The same can’t be said for those shiny silver discs. Having a Kaleidescape System eliminates that worry right away.

Next there’s the Child Remote, a big and bright device built just right for little hands. Even the youngest of kids knows that red means “stop” and green means “go.”

As soon as your child clicks any button on the remote, your on-screen collection is modified to show a special collection, curated by you for your child. The screen is now text-free so your kids can browse visually by movie cover and easily pick out their favorite Dora or Thomas DVD.

As a parent, I’ve also found these tricks to be useful when trying to select something to watch with my daughter:

It’s an hour before bedtime and I only want a movie that is 45 minutes long. I can sort my collection by runtime and pick out a movie with the perfect length.

It’s 15 minutes before bed and she’s begging to watch Tangled again. I hit “play all scenes” and she sees the best parts, all in less than 15 minutes.

Oops, we can’t find the child remote and I want to find something FAST! I can jump to Collections View and access my Child Collection there.

Or sort by genre and jump to the “Animated,” “Family” or “Educational” genre.

Or sort by rating to isolate the G-rated material.

With the Kaleidescape Child Remote, family entertainment is safe, easy and fun.

Watch Caitlin, one of our Kaleide-kids in action with the Kaleidescape Child Remote!

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