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Onscreen Upgrades: Your Ticket to Going Beyond Blu-ray

February 18, 2015

With Kaleidescape we make it easy to convert your discs to digital downloads—even upgrade DVDs to Blu-ray quality downloads—right on your screen!

DVD vs. Blu-Ray

When a disc has a digital offer available to you, “Digital Offers” is offered as one of the options on the movie detail sheet.  Choose to upgrade to Blu-ray quality $5.99, or go disc-free for just $1.99.

The Bourne Identity

There’s no denying that the quality level between DVD and Blu-ray is significant. Blu-ray discs allow for five times more information than DVDs, allowing room for better quality audio, video and supplements. These enhancements provide a crisper picture, more vibrant colors and richer sound.

Digital downloads eliminate the need for a physical disc to ever be placed in a player. Additionally, most Digital Offers include UltraViolet™ rights for playback on portable devices.


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