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Ken Russell—The Director That Was Bigger Than Life Itself

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Ken Russell was a director like no other. Known among the cult film world for The Who’s Tommy and its follow up with Roger Daltrey—Lisztomania, he was universally loved or hated due to his special knack for over-indulgence and controversial subject matter. He claimed that his “indulgences” in film all had purpose. He would make […]

Oscar Nominees—In Other Good Movies by Leonard Maltin

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I must admit, I’m a bit tired of reading and hearing about the past year’s Oscar nominees, good as they are. But I never tire of touting movies that may have escaped your attention—like the following examples that feature some of the very performers who are in the running for Academy Awards. Some of these […]

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship


Theo Kalomirakis is an avid movie lover and the world’s most famous home theater designer. Widely considered the “godfather of home theater,” his striking projects range in design from rich art deco to slick modern spaces. With a library of over 14,000 titles Theo and Kaleidescape are a match made in heaven. Read about his […]

Academy Award Winners

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In honor of the Oscars taking place this weekend, we have put collections into our store featuring all the past winners for Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress. And…all the movies in our Academy Award Winners: Best Director Collection are on sale this week! From classics like Grand Hotel and Chariots […]

Stylistic Stunners

Movie Recommendations

The films in this collection exhibit a distinctive visual flair that often eschews the mandates of realism in favor of a hyper-stylized mode of storytelling. Whether through visual effects, a purposeful use of color and lighting, or cinematography, these visual stunners make a lasting impact. Take a closer look at four of the films from the […]

Gravity (Warner Bros., 2013)

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Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is on her first space mission with veteran astronaut Lieutenant Kowalski (George Clooney). After being cut off from their mother ship, they spiral into space tethered only to each other. What follows is an excruciating fight for survival in the nothingness and darkness. To create the realistic atmosphere of silence […]
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What Is UltraViolet? UV allows you to take movies that you have purchased either on disc or as a download from our store on the go. UV is your cloud-based solution to streaming your movies anywhere, across all devices. By linking your Kaleidescape Store account with a UV account you can synch your collections and enjoy […]
all is lost

All Is Lost (Lionsgate, 2013)

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In this gripping survival adventure, Robert Redford delivers a stellar solo performance as a man lost at sea. Throughout the entire film only a few sparse words are spoken, putting Redford’s acting skills truly at the forefront and testing the filmmaking talents of all those involved. Speaking of the experience of working on the film, […]
the inevitable defeat of mister pete

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete (Lionsgate, 2013)

Movie Recommendations

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete is a coming-of-age story focused around two boys in the inner city of Brooklyn. Abandoned by their mothers, Mister and Pete must learn to survive on their own in the projects, constantly dodging Child Protective Services. Newcomers Skylan Brooks  and Ethan Dizon deliver stunning performances as the sharp-tongued […]
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Covers View in the Kaleidescape App for iPad

Product Features

Every week, we get emails from our customers and dealers around the world with requests for new features in our iPad app. One of the most requested features is one we have in our onscreen menu, but hadn’t yet implemented in our app. In the app update (version 1.5) we just launched, we have made the […]