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Perfect Pairs

August 5, 2014

Perfect Pairs, on-screen couples that we love together, are the focus of this week’s Collector’s Promotion. This collection was inspired by the upcoming release of Blended, starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. When they co-starred together 16 years ago in The Wedding Singer, the result was a sweet, funny and endearing combination.

The Wedding Singer

The most legendary couple in this collection is Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn who co-starred in a total of nine films together. Hepburn launched a new breed of strong female characters in films like Adam’s Rib and Woman of the Year, where a professional rivalry with her husband sets off a battle of the sexes. Off screen, the couple shared a twenty-six-year relationship until Tracy’s death.

Adam's Rib

In the ’90s, the trifecta of Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Nora Ephron became synonymous with the rom-com genre. Co-starring a total of three times to date, Hanks and Ryan always exude an authentic chemistry when paired together, like in the quirky Joe versus the Volcano, and later in the blockbuster hit You’ve Got Mail. Also included in this collection is The Shop Around the Corner, the original film that You’ve Got Mail was based on, which has earned a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

You've Got Mail

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke first teamed up in the ’90s with the critically acclaimed Before Sunrise. Almost ten years later, they got together with Richard Linklater to write and create a sequel. As Hawke puts it, “It’s not like anybody was begging us to make a second film. We obviously did it because we wanted to.” Before Sunset is a rare example of a sequel that doesn’t fall flat and was very well-received by critics and audiences alike.

Before Sunrise

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