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Actor Spotlight: Sean Bean

May 15, 2014

Sean Bean is one of those actors we frequently see in films, whose performance we enjoy, but whose name is often overshadowed by a more prominent cast member. Since we appreciate an actor of his caliber, today’s Actor Spotlight is dedicated to the works of Sean Bean, whose name we want you to remember.

The grizzled-voiced English actor is a veteran of both stage and screen. He has landed roles across a multitude of genres including drama, action, fantasy, sci-fi and horror. He often plays the sophisticated villain, such as the astute and callous foe of James Bond in GoldenEye. However, he’s recently best known as the sympathetic patriarch Ned Stark in HBO’s hit show, Game of Thrones.

In his breakout Hollywood role, Bean played the main antagonist, IRA member Sean Miller, opposite Harrison Ford in 1992’s Patriot Games. Bean’s rough-cut looks made him a patent choice for a villain, and his role in this film was the first of several villains that he would portray. Following this, he starred in the successful British mini-series, Sharpe. Here he took a departure from his normal characters and gained heartthrob status as the heroic Richard Sharpe. Bean later returned to his villainous roots as the mysterious Agent 006 in Pierce Brosnan’s first Bond film, GoldenEye. He ends up dangled 500 feet over a satellite dish in a fight with Bond that doesn’t end well…

Bean’s characters often die in his films, which has prompted numerous memes, videos and internet postings of his most prolific deaths, such as this one (SPOILER ALERT!) from What Culture. In a recent interview, Bean commented on the “art of dying.” “It’s funny… you never really get used to dying. There’s no set formula for it and no two death scenes are the same. You’ve just got to do what feels right in the moment and make it as convincing as possible. It’s an important moment; you’ve got to really think about it. I’m not an expert on death scenes, though. Or maybe I am.”

Bean’s biggest box-office role would eventually be an honorable one, playing Boromir, one of two representatives of man for The Fellowship in the The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. In The Return of the King Boromir also appears in the theatrical version during a brief flashback as Pippin remembers his heroic self-sacrifice. Because of that scene alone, Sean Bean’s name and portrait appears in the closing credits of the film.

Now you know his name…

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