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The Art and Soul of Home Theater

July 18, 2014

Theo Kalomirakis, a legend in home theater design, unveiled his private theater, Roxy 2.0, last night. Kaleidescape sponsored this project alongside Digital Projection, Stewart Filmscreen, California Audio Technologies, SH Acoustics, Crestron and Prima Cinema. His dedication to preserving the quality of a true theatrical experience is exactly what Kaleidescape is all about.

Every film director has a vision. This vision is realized in the way a movie is shot, the way it is lit, the soundtrack, the visual effects, and of course, the actors’ performances. The grand design is to create a mood that deeply immerses the audience in a well-told story. But as viewers turn to streaming devices and all-you-can-watch movie services, they sacrifice quality for convenience. In fact, they are falling into the same trap as music fans who accepted the compromised quality of lossy audio for the convenience of MP3s. Subsequently, an entire generation of consumers has no idea what music is supposed to sound like.

Roxy 2.0

As movie lovers are drawn to the convenience of movies streamed to their devices over the Internet, they end up trading in the “vision”—the full-blown cinematic experience that comes from lossless and full HD-quality audio and video. And while there’s no disputing the convenience of movies streamed to your smartphone or tablet, nothing beats the high-quality, all-encompassing immersion of home theaters.

Nobody understands this better than Theo Kalomirakis, “the Father of Home Theater.” His personal theater provides the perfect platform to showcase how far home theater technologies have come in delivering an immersive movie-watching experience. And now that the technology allows home theaters to be more affordable than ever, millions of customers already appreciate movies to their fullest at home.

Theo's Movie Collection

What most people don’t realize is that they can easily have a movie-watching experience in their homes that matches—or surpasses—the experience of a state-of-the-art commercial theater.

Home theater products today include powerful source devices, fantastic sound systems, and superb screens and displays/projectors. To bring it all together, intelligent controls make it easy for viewers to experience each feature with the touch of a button. They can select the ideal film, perfect the sound, and fine-tune the picture—all while relaxed in their favorite chair.

For 13 years, Kaleidescape has been the gold standard as the most powerful movie server for home theaters. It provides a single source for instant access to all of your movies—whether on DVD, Blu-ray disc, or as a digital download from the Kaleidescape Store—all conveniently organized in one library. Movies played on Kaleidescape are delivered in full Blu-ray quality; there’s no added compression, no video noise, no buffering, and no pixelation. Whether you’re browsing our store or your own library, our smart, responsive search makes it easy to find and play the movies that matter to you and your family.

With Kaleidescape, you never have to choose between convenience and quality. Finally, you can experience movies at home as they were meant to be.


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