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Veronica Mars (Warner Bros., 2014)

July 28, 2014

Veronica Mars rose from the ashes of cancellation. When the critically acclaimed but under-watched TV series went off the air, fans were still clamoring for more. Last year, the show’s creator proposed using crowdsourcing to raise funds to bring a new story to the big screen, and ardent fans of the high school detective led one of the biggest Kickstarter campaigns to date. In just 10 hours they fully funded the movie, bringing this new tale of intrigue and all of their favorite characters back into our lives.

Veronica Mars

The story begins ten years after Veronica Mars left her life in disarray. A newly minted lawyer with a stable boyfriend in New York, Veronica has put her rule-bending days as a private investigator behind her. But when her ex, Logan, is accused of murder, Veronica’s instincts draw her back into Neptune’s percolating pool of corruption. When Veronica puts down her briefcase to pick up her telephoto lens, can she get to the bottom of this latest mess and still hold onto her new life?

Veronica Mars

As an added bonus you can enjoy the TV show that inspired these crazed fans. All three seasons are on sale for just $9.99 each! Download them today!

Veronica Mars

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