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Four Incredible Demo Scenes

June 29, 2018

Dunkirk, “Sinking Ship”

(length: 4 min. 4 sec.)

Shot on IMAX cameras, this transfer has terrific detail, and the film also has the benefit of an Academy Award-winning sound editing and mixing track. This scene gets right into the action, with German planes strafing a sinking ship with men in the water.

We have the video torture test of water everywhere, with the cold grey of the Atlantic, along with panning shots of the sky as the planes fly around. These shots of the overcast sky and smoke trailing from the German plane can be a banding nightmare, but via the Strato, the image remains clean and stable and packed with detail.

Notice the subtle darker shades of color as the oil slick spreads across the top of the water. The fire on the water at the end of the scene can turn into a blocky mess without sufficient bandwidth, but again we get vibrant detail in the red-orange flames. Also, the HDR image retains deep black and shadow detail despite the bright outdoor images. Sonically, the score plays a powerful role in this scene, steadily building tension as the ship sinks and the plane circles back to attack.

The Shallows, “Retrieving the Camera”

(length: 3 min. 13 sec.)

This scene makes for perfect demo material because the viewer will quickly grasp what is going on—Blake Lively’s character is stranded on a rock in the ocean trying to retrieve a camera while a great white shark stalks her. There is incredible tension throughout, and a nice scare at the end as the shark narrowly misses the heroine, which should have more than one viewer jump in their seat!

As the scene begins, note the detail in Blake Lively’s face, where you see incredibly fine facial detail, including the salt crusting her lips. Point out the vibrant colors in this scene, with the rich tropical waters featuring every shade of blue in the spectrum, completely free of any noise or banding. Rippling waves can be torturous on a video processor, but the Strato delivers every pixel in perfect clarity and detail. From a sound standpoint, the Dolby Atmos audio plunges you underwater with Lively as she is thrown about by the currents, making for a truly immersive experience.

Pitch Perfect 3, “Freedom! ’90”

(length: 4 min. 8 sec.)

First, this is a great way to demonstrate how Kaleidescape’s Movie Guide team bookmarks all the songs in a musical or concert, letting you easily and quickly jump to a favorite moment. Also, this scene is suitable for any audience.

This is a great demo because it’s a well-known song that not only sounds great with room-filling audio but looks terrific as well. The scene begins with Anna Kendrick on a darkly lit stage with spotlights around and behind her, delivering terrific black detail and really showing off the benefits of HDR. Detail is incredible—for example, you can see every perforation on the Sennheiser mic she sings into, the texture in Kendrick’s boots, and the sparkle of her gold lame jacket. Also, you can appreciate the various subtle shades of black in each girl’s outfit.

Despicable Me 3, “Dance Fight”

(length: 1 min. 55 sec.)

It’s always nice to have a kid-friendly demo ready to go, but just because it’s for kids doesn’t mean it can’t also look great and be entertaining for a wide range of ages. Also, animation is a really great way to show off HDR’s extended color gamut, as you can push beyond the boundary of real-world colors.

This whole scene pops with color and subtle but clearly visible details. For example, notice Gru’s outfit, with visible texture and stitching in his jacket and scarf. Also, notice the rivets in the side of the Poseidon as it slowly floats over the city and the vibrant tropical waters below. Plus, the rockin’ ’80s soundtrack sounds great and will bring a smile to any Gen Xers face!

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