William E., Kaleidescape Enthusiast

My Kaleidescape Alto has become the workhorse of my home entertainment system.

With the Alto I can play HD movies from the Kaleidescape Movie Store and enjoy them in pristine high resolution video and lossless audio. The sound is unbelievable, particularly for titles in the newer formats like Dolby Atmos which make the room come alive around me in incredibly sharp detail. The Kaleidescape interface with cover art for each film not only looks great but also makes it easy for me to organize my film collection and find what I want to watch quickly.

But the Alto really came into its own when I combined it with a Kaleidescape Disc Server. Cataloging discs is a breeze and new Blu-ray and DVD titles immediately appear on the display so my entire collection is accessible from the same interface. I can play movies from discs without having to scroll through menus or endure FBI warnings and countless previews thanks to Kaleidescape’s fantastic bookmarked film database. An additional bonus is being able to listen to surround-sound music recorded on Blu-ray or DVD through the Disc Server without having to insert each disc individually. Again, the lossless audio means that I can really hear how much care went into each recording, and the good ones really stand out.

I am steadily growing my collection with a combination of downloads from the Kaleidescape Movie Store and physical discs. My Kaleidescape Encore system is a source of constant enjoyment. The viewing (and listening) experience is so much better than streaming that my guests have been truly taken aback. Thank you Kaleidescape Team for your dedication to customers like me who want to get the most out of our home entertainment systems.

4-year Old Master of the Movie Universe

As much as I love the Kaleidescape system, my 4-year old daughter might love it even more. Lauryn especially LOVES the Kaleidescape Child Remote. She carries it around with her. She says, “Hey! Where’s my remote?” And then she points it at the TV and says, “I’m going to turn the TV on and watch my collection now.”

It is amazing how quickly she mastered it and took total ownership of it. It’s really great.

Cal McAusland

I use the system in a way that’s different, but I absolutely love it. My hobby is the drums, and I like playing along with concerts. I load concert discs onto my Kaleidescape, and then mark my favorite songs. Then I create my own playlists by mixing different songs from different concerts. I have one for hard rock, one for dinner music, and more. I’ve got over 70 concerts loaded on my system now, and I’m still buying more. My wife and I use the system every day – it’s our passion and our entertainment.

Ali Ghaleb Jaber

I first came across the Kaleidescape system about 4 years ago at Home Entertainment Trade Show here in Dubai. Loved the product as soon as I was put through a few scenes from a movie that was showing at the Home Theater Stand that was set up by Archimedia. Now, the Kaleidescape is installed through the whole house and in our 9-seat private theater, which has become the biggest highlight of the house. Kids can’t get enough of it. Always seem to buy movies just to upload onto the Kaleidescape.

Very happy with the product and looking forward to any updates.

Thank you Kaleidescape.