Theo Kalomirakis

I am the kind of old-fashioned guy who has a tactile relationship with my movies: I locate what I want to see, I look at the liner notes to get excited, I plop the disc into the player, I watch the movie, and I return it to the shelf when it’s over. But with 15,000 (and counting) titles in my collection, many of the movies are on shelves as high as 13 feet off the floor–which means I need a ladder to reach them. Sadly, it also means I have stopped watching movies beyond my immediate reach. . . .

I am glad to report I do not have this problem anymore. Not long ago, I got my first Kaleidescape, and the first thing I did was transfer to it 500 of my favorite—but rarely seen—movies. Since then, Kaleidescape has become the most indispensable piece of hardware in my theater. I can watch any movie I want, anytime I want it. Just as importantly, I don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the transfer like I do when I stream a movie from Netflix or Amazon.

NOTE: Theo Kalomirakis will be reviewing movies from the Kaleidescape store in a weekly column, The Kaleidescape Corner, to be featured in the upcoming site Rayva offers end-to-end solutions for home entertainment that incorporate designs, design accessories and AV electronics including a Kaleidescape unit.

Sean N.

I have been working on my home theater for 6 years now. At 27 years old, I know there are many things I still need to learn about this hobby. I have tried many products already, as my hobby has developed into an obsession, with me buying and selling speakers or projectors frequently.

But without a doubt, my Kaleidescape setup, consisting of a Strato, an Alto, and a Disc Server, has been the focal point of my home theater whenever I have guests over. There’s no better way for me to show off my system than with the ability to quickly flip between movie scenes using the beautiful user interface. A 45-minute demo used to consist of me putting 5-6 discs in my Blu-ray player one at a time, but I can now easily show scenes from 20+ movies in the same time frame.

When I don’t have time for a movie, there are times when I literally just watch my favorite scenes from a wide selection of movies… something I can only do with my Kaleidescape system.

I’m a health freak for sure, but I cannot imagine going back to the inconvenience of getting out of my seat to keep putting discs in my Blu-ray player now that I have 500+ movies available at any moment!

On top of all of this, the iPad app provides a phenomenal experience for easily controlling everything on a large touch screen.
The future looks incredibly bright for Kaleidescape, and I’m in it for the long haul!

William E., Kaleidescape Enthusiast

My Kaleidescape Alto has become the workhorse of my home entertainment system.

With the Alto I can play HD movies from the Kaleidescape Movie Store and enjoy them in pristine high resolution video and lossless audio. The sound is unbelievable, particularly for titles in the newer formats like Dolby Atmos which make the room come alive around me in incredibly sharp detail. The Kaleidescape interface with cover art for each film not only looks great but also makes it easy for me to organize my film collection and find what I want to watch quickly.

But the Alto really came into its own when I combined it with a Kaleidescape Disc Server. Cataloging discs is a breeze and new Blu-ray and DVD titles immediately appear on the display so my entire collection is accessible from the same interface. I can play movies from discs without having to scroll through menus or endure FBI warnings and countless previews thanks to Kaleidescape’s fantastic bookmarked film database. An additional bonus is being able to listen to surround-sound music recorded on Blu-ray or DVD through the Disc Server without having to insert each disc individually. Again, the lossless audio means that I can really hear how much care went into each recording, and the good ones really stand out.

I am steadily growing my collection with a combination of downloads from the Kaleidescape Movie Store and physical discs. My Kaleidescape Encore system is a source of constant enjoyment. The viewing (and listening) experience is so much better than streaming that my guests have been truly taken aback. Thank you Kaleidescape Team for your dedication to customers like me who want to get the most out of our home entertainment systems.

Wayne and Cathy T.

My wife and I are avid film collectors. We started collecting 8mm condensed 1-reel movies and migrated through Beta and VHS tape, laser disc, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray, and now UHD Blu-ray. They’ve all had their challenges, but the common one is they take up lots of space. At one point, we had 6 large bookshelves overflowing. Organizing our library and finding a title to view made movie time no fun. Then came Kaleidescape!

Kaleidescape has been essential to our home theatre systems for over 12 years. Nothing else can keep our ever-expanding collection organized and so easily accessible. We cannot imagine how we managed without Kaleidescape. Friends are blown away by what it can do and how easy it is to use. Our children enjoyed having friends over to surf our collection to find a title for their movie nights. Their guests had never seen anything like it. Parental controls ensured safe viewing for the kids, and a worry-free evening for their parents. Now empty-nesters in a condo, the system continues to delight – the pinnacle of film library management.

With advances in high quality downloads making UHD/HDR quality a reality, the new Encore series Strato player provides an ultra-premium Kaleidescape experience. The Encore Terra server stores our downloaded HD and UHD/HDR titles. The build quality and appearance of the new line is top notch. The interface is smooth and quick, with ultra-sharp graphics. Additionally, the Kaleidescape Movie Store steadily releases UHD/HDR titles – many not even yet available on disc. The video and audio quality of these releases is absolutely stunning. Even playback of Blu-ray quality titles is a notch above the previous player.

As collectors, we’ve always preferred to own actual product over streaming, whether that be physical medium or download. The quality is a big step up from streaming, and we know it will be there when we want it. No buffering, no stuttering, just immaculate video and audio performance. Downloading from the Kaleidescape Movie Store is the quality choice for anyone passionate about film. The Encore Strato player and Terra server deliver the best high quality experience with unmatched organizational ease and accessibility. We can’t imagine home video without Kaleidescape. To us – it’s essential!

Kostas K.

I’m a very happy owner of five Kaleidescape systems. I bought my first Premiere system in 2012. I liked it so much I had it installed in all of my homes. This way my family and I can enjoy the same wonderful movie viewing experience wherever we go. We have both Premiere and Encore systems in our primary home and a mix of Alto and Cinema One systems in our other homes.

I was first attracted to Kaleidescape as a way to manage our library of more than 1000 DVDs and Blu-Ray titles. My wife immediately loved that we no longer had shelves clogged with disks everywhere. But, we soon discovered the user interface to be an even more attractive feature. All of my family loves our Kaleidescape and our friends think it is phenomenal. Everyone is happy that we can enjoy different movies on different screens all from the same system. A really fun surprise for us was the “you might like” recommendations the system suggests for us.

I was thrilled when the Strato player came out. I like being an early adopter and several things attracted me to Strato. At the top of the list was the playback image quality of 4K content from the Kaleidescape online store. The quality is the best seen from any medium and blows away any other download or streaming sources. It makes the most of our 4K displays. I buy every 4K title I can online from the Kaleidescape Movie Store. It’s great to not have to rip discs anymore and to buy titles from a known and trusted source. I and my family look forward to being able to get more and more titles from the Kaleidescape Movie Store. We love Kaleidescape!

Chuck G.

I’ve been an HT/Media Room enthusiast since 1983. I started with a VCR, Laser Disc Player and some kind of “surround” processor. I built my first real home theater in 1991.

When the original Kaleidescape system came out I looked at it and didn’t understand. Why something so expensive, just to not have to stick discs into a player? I work as an audio calibration professional, and spend a fair amount of time in high-end home theaters and dealer showrooms. Over the last 4 or 5 years, I began to notice virtually ALL of the high end home theater showrooms had Kaleidescape systems. I started thinking I should pay attention.

About a year ago I read about the new Encore system. It caught my attention because Kaleidescape was now offering a solution at a price point I could consider acquiring. I bought an Alto, and was hooked. I’ve now gotten to the point where handling discs really isn’t my thing anymore. Furthermore, since some of my nearly 1000 movies are not available on the Kaleidescape Movie Store, I added a Disc Server. So now, I don’t have to handle any more discs. As soon as 4K quality becomes consistent (Mastering quality varies widely and many 4K titles are up sampled from 2K) AND the Kaleidescape store delivers timely releases of 4K movies, I’ll be adding a Strato to my system.

Before making the decision to buy my Alto, I seriously considered the DIY approach. It would have saved me some real money. But NO alternative provides the “experience” or has the “industry acceptance” of Kaleidescape.

Having now enjoyed my Kaleidescape system for over I year, I love it. It’s so much more than just an alternative to handling discs. It’s an excellent means for categorizing my entire movie, concert video and multi-channel music (DVD-A) library (even those I choose not to store on the system). Very quick, variable-criteria search is possible with either my Control4 remote or the Kaleidescape iPad app. The user interface is incredible. It’s simple and a pleasure to use. It even eliminates the “pain in the rear” of fast forwarding through unwanted previews and can take me right to our favorite “scenes”. That makes doing quick demos of our theater to guests really fun! Plus, the picture quality is incredible.

What’s not to like?

Gerard & Pamela Gleeson

A shared love of movies is one of the things that brought us together, almost 20 years ago. We built a large library of DVDs and Blu-Rays, but finding what we wanted to watch, or even remembering what we had, was a challenge. Finally last year we got an Alto and we love it! We’ve catalogued all the old discs, upgraded many to HD downloads, and now purchase new movies through the Movie Store. Quality and ease of use are outstanding. We can see additional Alto and Strato players, and Terra servers in our future.