Dear Kaleidescape Dealer,

We are pleased to announce an enhancement to the Co-Star feature that allows a Lumagen Radiance Pro to be used as an alternative to the standard Co-Star HDMI Switch. With the purchase of a special Co-Star software license, a Kaleidescape system can use the Radiance Pro to perform the necessary automatic HDMI switching between the Strato player and the paired M-Class player.

The Radiance Pro has the following benefits for Co-Star:

1. The Radiance Pro supports discrete HDMI outputs for audio and video. This allows the use of audio processors and receivers which do not support HDMI 2.x features or HDCP 2.2.

2. For most installations, the Radiance Pro provides very fast audio and video switching times when starting and stopping playback.

3. The Radiance Pro can be configured to minimize video format changes. This can be particularly important if the projector or TV takes a long time to resynchronize when the video format changes

The Radiance Pro can be configured to adapt 4K HDR content into 4K SDR content. This is important if the customer wishes to avoid all video format changes, and it enables support for 4K projectors and televisions that do not support HDR, or for which SDR video modes provide a better experience.

The Co-Star for Lumagen software license is available now with an MSRP of $495. Orders can be placed on Kaleidescape Extranet.

More information about Co-Star and support for the Lumagen Radiance Pro can be found on the Kaleidescape support website, and at


Cheena Srinivasan
Founder & CEO
Kaleidescape, Inc.