Deleting a Movie from a Kaleidescape System

Video Transcript

To delete a movie, use the browser interface. Enter my-Kaleidescape in the address bar of a web browser and press enter to access the browser interface. The home page appears. Select the movies tab. Scroll through the list of movies and find the movies you wish to delete. Click the boxes to the left of the movie titles, then scroll to the bottom of the page and select move to trash can. The movies are instantly deleted from the list and the on-screen display.

If you change your mind about deleting one of the movies, simply go back to the top of the page and, from the collection drop-down menu, select trash can. Click the box next to the deleted item in the trash can, then select put back in library. The movie is returned to the movie library.

The system will permanently delete items in the trash as space is needed, or you can click the box next to the movie in the trash can and select the delete permanently link at the bottom of the page.