Kaleidescape Movie Download Service

Service is now available for up to 100 movies pre-purchased by the customer to be downloaded to their Strato movie player at the factory


How this works:

  • Dealer must fill out and submit the Factory Download Service sales order form to orders@kaleidescape.com.
  • Kaleidescape’s Order Processing staff will enter the sales order in our system and respond to the dealer with a pro-forma invoice for payment. If there is no credit card on file for that dealer’s order, Kaleidescape will require the completion of an authorization form for credit-card orders. (This will not be necessary for orders made through wire transfers.)
  • Once payment is confirmed, Kaleidescape Order Processing will release the order to stage the new Strato movie player for content download at the factory. The customer will receive an e-mail with information about the factory movie-download service. They will also receive an email with the link to activate their system. (This will be considered the “start date” for how this process works). 
  • Once the system is activated, the customer will create a Kaleidescape Movie Store account. (Note: If the customer already has a movie store account, he or she will only need to register their new system—the Strato movie player—to that account).
  • The customer has seven calendar days (“selection period”) from the “start date” above to activate the system and to purchase movies that will be downloaded at the factory. If no titles have been purchased during “the selection period,” Kaleidescape will ship the system to the dealer without any factory-downloaded content.
  • Kaleidescape will endeavor to download the minimum of either 100 titles or the number of titles selected by the customer within the “selection period.”
  • The customer’s system will ship fourteen calendar days from the “start date,” or immediately following the “selection period” if no movies were purchased.


Terms and Conditions

  • Payment must be made in full prior to any factory content download service begins.
  • There is a $250 service fee in addition to the cost of the movies to be downloaded.
  • A 15% product restocking fee applies if the order is cancelled after the account is activated and the content download process has begun.
  • All movie purchases are non-refundable, whether paid by credit card or otherwise.