Guide to Experiencing Great Movie Nights

Shopping for Kaleidescape movies is convenient and fun. Here we highlight the three different ways to browse and purchase movies along with some helpful tips for planning an enjoyable Kaleidescape movie night.

The web store provides a powerful interface for finding the perfect movie using a web browser. You can browse by movie collection and genre, filter by popular criteria, or search for a specific movie title. You can also manage your account and view your order history from the web store.

The mobile app provides a convenient way to browse movies while on the go. You can easily find and download an evening movie while enjoying dinner appetizers.

The onscreen store on the Kaleidescape Strato player provides a dynamic and visually stimulating way to find hidden gems by pivoting from any movie title to explore other related films.

Purchasing movies from a web browser

The grey filter bar, found only on the web store, enables quick and easy filtering of any movie view, whether a curated collection, a genre, or the entire library, making it easy to personalize the movies presented to you. You can mix and match any filters you want. All filters can then be removed via the Reset button, or individually by clicking on the highlighted filter.

The settings below filter all movies for popular titles in HDR video quality that are deemed Rotten Tomatoes Fresh and are For Young adults aged 8 to 15. The movie results are also sorted by most watched.

When multiple movies have been queued for download, the web store provides the most detailed view and method for customizing the order in which the movies will download. Account management is also best performed from the web store interface.

Purchasing movies from the Kaleidescape mobile app

The mobile app provides a convenient way to keep up on new releases while on the go. Notifications for new and featured movies keep you current without effort. The landing page features dozens of curated movie collections, assembled by our movie experts, and the search tab provides a quick way to find the exact title, actor, or collection that you’re looking for. Once you’ve found a movie, your purchase can be completed with just a couple of taps, then authorized with a fingerprint, or your face on compatible devices.

The download status of purchased movies can be monitored through the “More” tab at the bottom right of the app, shown below. The order in which movies are downloaded can also be modified here.

The app also provides an easy way to provide feedback to Kaleidescape under “Feedback” in the ”More” tab.

Purchasing movies from the Onscreen Display

The onscreen store is accessed from any Kaleidescape Strato player. It’s presented in stunning 4K resolution at sixty frames per second. Cover animations are visually entertaining, and the Pivot and Explore features help you find great content that you may have forgotten about or never knew existed.

Jumping through related movies is simple and entertaining when using the Pivot feature or navigating through the explore menu, both shown below. To access the Pivot icon: pause on a movie cover, and after the blue synopsis flyout appears, press the left arrow on your remote. The synopsis will change into the icon menu shown below.

Above, related movies have swirled onto the screen after selecting the Pivot icon for A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. Additional presses of the Pivot icon will explore different sets of related films, such as films starring the same lead actors, or by the same director.

Below, the details sheet for the same movie is shown. The Explore menu provides direct access to the multiple sets of related movies.

Quick Notes on Planning for Movie Night

Remember, Kaleidescape players do not stream movies over the Internet. The movie must be downloaded to your player to playback flawlessly and deliver that satisfying cinematic experience. Downloading a large movie file can take some time, so we recommend downloading the movie sufficiently in advance. Download times will vary based on your Internet connection speed.

Kaleidescape’s daily movie promotions provide a great way to monitor for new releases and download some great titles to have in your watch queue for your next movie night. Pre-ordered movies are a great way to automatically download and be reminded of when new and exciting movies become playable for the home. As your movie night approaches, you can easily share some of your movie options with friends via the mobile app’s share feature.

1)Daily movie promotions

Kaleidescape promotes the best new titles as they come onto our store. Each promotional email provides direct links to the featured movies on the web store, or mobile app if installed.

2)Pre-order movies

Pre-ordering a movie allows you to be among the very first to enjoy that film at home.

Each store interface allows you to order a movie while it’s still showing in theaters, so you never forget about a film you want to see. They aren’t immediately available for playback but will download in advance of the home release date.

Your system will download a pre-ordered movie a few days before its home release date, so it will be ready to play as soon as the day arrives. Keep in mind that the movie will remain hidden from player library views until the moment it is playable.

You’ll even get a notification letting you know that your pre-order movie has been released.

Each store offers a slightly different way to browse and find movies, making it easy to plan for incredible movie nights that will rival your local cinema.

We wish you many beautiful and spectacular movie nights to come!