Good enough is just not good enough for me

A self-professed media junkie, Jason started building his vast collection of movies and music albums as a young teen. Fast-forward to today, and he has thousands of movie and music titles, two home theater systems, one dedicated audio room—not to mention every modern streaming service and high-end DVR available. When it comes to immersing himself in his music and movie collection, Jason has a lot of options, but his number-one choice is Kaleidescape. Unparalleled video and audio quality, an easy and lightning-fast user interface that lets him access any song or any movie instantly, and a totally unique way to jump inside his favorite concert, movie, musical, or TV show makes Kaleidescape his go-to experience.


Choosing what to watch is fun again.

The Kaleidescape interface is visually intuitive and incredibly quick—a joy compared to other systems. Whether I use the iPad app or browse on the big screen, it’s the easiest and fastest way for me to make a selection. As we all know, just because our media is now digital doesn’t mean it’s easy to find what we are looking for. Plus, I buy so much stuff that I don’t even remember what I have and what I don’t. With Kaleidescape, movies, TV episodes, and music are all cataloged the way a collector—not a computer system—would organize them. So everything makes sense. Whether it’s Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark or episode 10, season 5, of Everybody Loves Raymond, getting to the opening scene is faster and easier with Kaleidescape than any other system; and I have them all—Apple TV, Netflix, Roku, Hulu, HBO GO, you name it.

“I will always choose the Kaleidescape system given a choice. No matter what you are watching, it is always going to look and sound better on Kaleidescape.”


My own, personal "best of" collection.

For me, it’s about more than just finding my favorite movie quickly; it’s finding my favorite “moment” in that movie. Kaleidescape has bookmarked all the iconic scenes so I can jump to any of them instantly—this is a killer feature. Whether it’s a concert or my favorite musical, with Kaleidescape I can get to all the best scenes with just a tap. I can find “Born in the USA” from the latest New Jersey concert or watch my favorite scene from Grease. This feature is wonderful for musicals. I absolutely love to re-experience the music without committing myself to watching the full two-hour movie.

“The ability to go to specific scenes in movies and concerts is a killer feature! I use it all the time.”

Good enough isn't good enough for me.

I have a pretty good data line into my home, but streaming is not always perfect. And for me, it’s not good enough for my system to work 95 percent of the time; it has to work 100 percent of the time—otherwise I might as well just reach for the DVD. And that is what’s great about Kaleidescape. It works 100 percent of the time with stunning video and audio quality. I always knew Kaleidescape would be wonderful, but not until I got it home and watched my first movie did I realize how truly wonderful an experience it is. Without a doubt, Kaleidescape is the best for a movie and music enthusiast like me.

“Kaleidescape is my go-to and first choice for watching movies and listening to music. It always works, it’s easy to find what I’m looking for, and the video and sound quality are mind blowing.”