It’s Immersive, Almost Addictive

John first experienced the Kaleidescape system when spending a week on a friend’s luxury yacht. As the owner was describing the yacht’s various amenities, he mentioned the system that allows his guests to enjoy movies, music videos, and audio throughout the ship. John immediately knew what the system was: Kaleidescape. He had researched it himself and was thrilled to be able to check it out firsthand. The elegant user interface, the amazing sound, and video quality—not to mention the ability to jump right into a movie without having to sit through warnings and previews—were extremely impressive. Once back at home in London, John began to research Kaleidescape more seriously, with a view to installing it in his country home. His longstanding Hifi and AV dealer gave him a demonstration of Kaleidescape, and that sealed the deal. He was so impressed that he bought a Kaleidescape system with two movie players.

The system is absolutely marvelous—I just had to get one.

The convenience factor with Kaleidescape is fabulous. No more standing around and twisting my neck to read the spines of the many DVDs on my shelves. Now I can make movie choices using my home control system or iPad by simply searching a list or skimming through the beautiful movie cover art—an immersive, almost addictive experience in itself. When I pause on a specific cover, Kaleidescape automatically recommends other movies that I might like based on the genre, director, actors, and more. It’s really amazing and makes finding a movie really easy.

“The Kaleidescape interface is very intuitive and easy to manage. Skimming through movie selections on an iPad instead of searching the shelves is wonderful.”


Now I can jump right in.

One of my favorite things about the Kaleidescape system happens when I press Play. Because that’s all it does—it plays the movie immediately. No legal warnings, no previews for films I’m not interested in, and no ads. Just the movie, in DVD or stunning Blu-ray quality. It’s hard to imagine that such a small thing could make such a difference, but it’s great to jump right into the opening scene of my favorite movie. Speaking of jumping in, the Scenes feature is a great way to get a sneak peek of a movie I haven’t seen. It often pulls me in, and I watch the entire movie. The Play Song feature is also perfect for musicals, music videos and concerts. I have a great Stevie Wonder Blu-ray with 28 different songs. If I want to listen to one of them, I can easily find it.

“I have a lovely Stevie Wonder Blu-ray, 28 tracks of live recording. When I want a specific track or two, I can find them easily.”

Unquestionable quality for all.

The audio and video quality is excellent. Kaleidescape has long offered the premier movie experience on the market today—and now the Cinema One makes that top-end quality available to a wider market. I had always been interested in Kaleidescape, but with high-end audio equipment my priority, simply could not justify the cost. Now, with the competitive pricing of Cinema One, I can. And now that I have, Cinema One has transformed how I choose, watch, and truly experience movies.