Kaleidescape and Ultraviolet


Kaleidescape is the recognized leader in luxury home cinema. A Kaleidescape system elevates your home cinema experience by making movie discovery, acquisition, and playback effortless, flawless, and thoroughly satisfying. Kaleidescape combines playback and storage components with online selection and delivery of the highest quality movies, making it the best content source to power your luxury home cinema environment.

Finding and purchasing great movies, TV, concerts and musicals is simple with the Kaleidecape Movie Store. Kaleidescape offers titles which are downloaded and playback on the Kaleidescape system. Kaleidescape offers many ways for customers to browse the Movie Store to quickly find what they like – the web browser offers the most flexibility in terms of searching, sorting and filtering by various attributes, the Movie Store on Kaleidescape’s onscreen display offers a fantastic interactive experience to enjoy the discovery and browsing experience to find what you like, and then there is the Kaleidescape Mobile App. Movies purchased on Kaleidescape can only be played back on Kaleidescape systems due to content protection, copy protection and high-fidelity playback requirements.

Kaleidescape movie players and servers present the finest source for home cinema anywhere. With full support for 4K Ultra HD and high dynamic range (HDR) for the highest quality video picture combined with support for Dolby TrueHD Atmos and DTS-HD DTS:X lossless audio for the most immersive sound quality, Kaleidescape offers the most differentiated and satisfying experience to enjoy movies at home.

On January 31, 2019, the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), the organization that runs the digital locker system known as UltraViolet (UV), announced that the UltraViolet service will shut down later this year. Because of this, Kaleidescape will disconnect from the UltraViolet services on May 31, 2019. The UV shutdown will not impact the movies in your Kaleidescape library. Movies purchased from Kaleidescape will be unaffected, and movies purchased from other UltraViolet retailers will also remain in your Kaleidescape library. Kaleidescape will keep a permanent record of your UV-enabled purchases through your UV account, which means that you can download those titles at any time in the future, even post UV shutdown.
Until May 31st, as long as your Kaleidescape movie store account is linked to UV, and that UV account is linked to your third-party UV retailer accounts, Kaleidescape will offer you the privilege of downloading your titles to your Kaleidescape system.



After May 31st, when Kaleidescape disconnects its Movie Store accounts from UV, we will no longer know what titles you purchase from third-party retailers. Also on that date, Kaleidescape will cease to offer new UV tokens for movies purchased from Kaleidescape, so there will no longer be a way for movies purchased from Kaleidescape to be viewed on third party apps and devices.