Dear Kaleidescape Dealer,

Today we began shipping Kaleidescape Co-Star, a combination of hardware and software that unlocks 4K for Kaleidescape Premiere owners. With Co-Star, a customer can pair a Strato 4K movie player with any M-Class movie player and enjoy hundreds of great movies in 4K Ultra HD and 4K HDR from the Kaleidescape Movie Store. Co-Star and Strato provide a noticeably smoother and richer 4K user interface experience, while providing seamless access to all the DVD and Blu-ray titles on the Premiere system.

Co-Star connects the paired M-Class player and Strato player to a TV or projector using a dedicated HDMI switch. (Note that Cinema One and Alto are also M-Class players.) The Strato player provides the onscreen user interface, rendered in 60 frames per second 4K Ultra HD, displaying all the movie titles stored on both systems as one unified library. Playback of movies from the Premiere system is performed by the M-Class movie player. All control is routed through the Strato player. The Co-Star HDMI switch, along with two new kOS releases – kOS 8 for Premiere, and kOS 10 for Strato – work together to automatically switch between Strato and the M-class player when needed, providing a seamless experience.

Installation is easy, and the Co-Star switch is compact. A Strato with Co-Star is great for upgrading one playback zone, while a Terra with Strato C’s and Co-Star switches is best for upgrading multiple playback zones.

Kaleidescape Co-Star is shipping now.

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Cheena Srinivasan
Founder & CEO
Kaleidescape, Inc.