Kaleidescape Modular Disc Vault - Video

Video Transcript

The disk vault imports and houses your Blu-ray discs, so you don’t have to handle physical disks to watch the movies.

As you can see, the modular disc vault is a third-party disc changer, with some firmware modifications from Kaleidescape. It holds 100 discs.

With a vault, you can play a Blu-ray movie from any M-Class player just the way you play a DVD movie with a movie player. The physical disc does not have to be read or accessed because the movie is played from a copy on the server.

Installation is easy. Simply connect the vault to an M300 or M500 player via USB and connect the power. Load your Blu-ray movies into the slot in front and they’re automatically imported.

Once your Blu-ray discs are imported, they’re ready to enjoy. So long as the disc is in a vault, you can play the movie from the hard drive using any M-Class player in the house. For example, each of these two players can play any imported Blu-ray that is in the vault.

To remove a disc, select “eject disc” from the details page for the movie.The disk is copied to the server and then the movie plays from the hard drive. To play directly from disk, place it in the tray of an M500 player.

Each M-Class player can control one modular disc vault. You can add several vaults to the same system to house a large collection of Blu-ray discs, but each must be connected to its own player.