Joel Maxwell, Big Picture Solutions

Kaleidescape has again redefined the ultimate movie server. I love the direction they’ve set with the Encore range. The new platform is faster to navigate and new user interface is gorgeous. The impact of watching 4K HDR downloads from the Kaleidescape store from a Strato player is stunning. No one else can offer the Kaleidescape experience. Want the best movie audio and video experience? Want it to just work? Kaleidescape Encore is the only choice.

Alan Goodwin, Goodwin’s High End

The new Encore series is great. Managing and watching movies has always been easy with Kaleidescape. But, the new user interface easily passes the “grandmother test.” Anyone can use it without a manual. Video and audio quality of the downloaded movies is way better than any streaming service. The store is beautiful. No one has the depth of titles with the kind of quality found on the Kaleidescape Movie Store. The Kaleidescape Strato is the ultimate movie server – never hangs, no errors – and the Kaleidescape Movie Store is great.

Dave Raines, Osbee Industries, Inc.

The Kaleidescape user experience is wonderful. The ability to start at the opening credits and bypass all the trailers and warnings is a real blessing. But, most importantly, the visual and auditory performance of 4K Ultra HD downloads played via an Encore system on today’s best 4K displays is unmatched!

Sean Starks, High Velocity Audio

Kaleidescape just does it right. First off – it’s legal. No questionable ripping software required. Just as important, the new Strato player running 4K downloads from the Kaleidescape Movie Store is beautiful to experience. It’s bullet proof and reliable. The software tends to itself – no updates for us or our clients to manage. While extremely rare, if anything ever does ever go wrong Kaleidescape’s tech support is the best we’ve ever experienced. Among all the high-end gear we install, Kaleidescape delivers the best total user experience. One of my clients joked that he wished Kaleidescape built cars!