Parental Control with a Kaleidescape System - How to Video

Video Transcript

You can select which movies your children can watch with the parental control feature.

Open a web browser, enter my-Kaleidescape, and press enter to access the browser interface. Select the parental control tab.

You might want to allow only PG and below for children, PG-13 and below for young adults, and R and below for the main library.

Once ratings for each level have been defined, choose a default level for each player. For example, in the family room, you might want to set the default level for children, and the player in the master bedroom at main library. That way the family room television will initially display only PG movies and below, and the television in the master bedroom will initially show movies rated R and below.

You can change the levels using the parental control view of the on-screen display. Simply select a different level and the movies displayed will change.

Passcodes can be added to keep people from changing to a higher level. For example, to prevent children from changing the family room level and watching an R-rated movie, set a passcode for the main library level. Once the passcode has been set, the children cannot access this level without the passcode. To prevent the children from changing the passcodes, be sure to set a password on the Preferences page of the browser interface.