Kaleidescape Adds Music To Its Repertoire

Music for the Kaleidescape™ System Sets New Standard in Home Entertainment; Brings the Same Elegance and Simplicity to Music as for Movies

Sunnyvale, CA, April 25, 2006 – Kaleidescape, Inc., the market leader in entertainment servers, today unveiled Music for the Kaleidescape System, a complete set of new products and services aimed at improving the way people listen to music throughout their homes. Kaleidescape’s new music offering delivers an engaging and exciting entertainment experience, and provides easy access to music collections of virtually any size. In addition, the new products can be combined with other Kaleidescape components to create a complete solution for both music listening and movie viewing from anywhere in the house.

“With the introduction of Music for the Kaleidescape System, we solve significant problems for both our customers and dealers. We make both movies and music available throughout the home using a single solution, and remove the complexity associated with having separate systems to install, control and maintain,” said Michael Malcolm, founder, chairman and CEO of Kaleidescape. “In addition, the Kaleidescape System delivers a combination of reliability, performance and ease-of-use that is unmatched in the industry.”

Music for the Kaleidescape System provides an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to find and play music from your collection, and Kaleidescape automatically organizes the collection and protects it against loss in the event of a hard disk failure. Music for the Kaleidescape System also delivers the most detailed descriptive information about a users’ music library and enables users to mix and match music and arrange selections in any order for a completely personalized listening experience. And, with the Kaleidescape System, the music is reference quality.

Music for the Kaleidescape System

Kaleidescape’s new music offerings can be added to any new or existing Kaleidescape System. These offerings include the Kaleidescape Music Server software, Music Player, Music Guide Service, and updated control system programs.

  • Kaleidescape Music Server software

     delivers the simple and intuitive Kaleidescape user experience for music. It enables users to connect with their music collection any number of ways, such as flipping through album covers or browsing music lists. With the Kaleidescape Music Server, a user can immediately play any album or track and create playlists and “Mix Albums” tailored to their listening preferences.

  • Kaleidescape Music Player

     provides four fully-independent music zones in the home; multiple Music Players can be added to a System to provide any number of music zones. Because the Music Player has a built-in disc reader, it can be used to import CDs and DVDs onto the Kaleidescape System.

  • Kaleidescape’s Music Guide Service

     provides the most comprehensive information about music collections, including album name, artist, song title, detailed album reviews, high-resolution cover art ideal for large displays and more. Using this information, the Kaleidescape System automatically organizes music collections and presents users with intelligent recommendations through its unique cover shuffle.

  • Control System Templates and Modules

     enable Kaleidescape’s music products to integrate easily with touch panels, touch pads and remote controls from manufacturers such as Crestron and AMX. Control systems using these new programs developed by Kaleidescape allow customers to easily navigate and access their music and movie collections through Kaleidescape’s on-screen display (OSD) user interface on any video display in the home. A user can control every music listening zone in the home from any video display using the OSD user interface. Music can also be selected and controlled using text-only touch pads in locations without video displays.


With the introduction of Music for the Kaleidescape System, the company unveiled two new off-the-shelf configurations. These complete solutions are the Kaleidescape System 4000 (KS4000) and the Kaleidescape System 4500 (KS4500). Both Systems are capable of storing, organizing and accessing movies and music, and include a Kaleidescape Server, Movie Player and Music Player. The KS4000 includes storage for up to 150 DVDs or 1,800 music CDs. The KS4500 includes storage for up to 375 DVDs or 4,500 music CDs. A single Kaleidescape Server can be easily expanded to handle up to 825 DVDs or 10,000 music CDs. More Servers can be added to a System for storing even larger collections. The new Kaleidescape System configurations and music components are available now, and may be ordered through an authorized Kaleidescape dealer.


About Kaleidescape

Kaleidescape’s goal is to deliver a home entertainment experience that is beyond expectations. Our product, the Kaleidescape System, is an entertainment server that has changed the way movies and music are collected and enjoyed in a home, yacht or private jet. The Kaleidescape System combines a compelling user interface, an outstanding industrial design, and services that set new standards in the consumer electronics industry. Kaleidescape was founded in 2001 and is privately held. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California; research and development is conducted by Kaleidescape Canada, Inc., based in Waterloo, Ontario. Our products are available through a network of custom-installation dealers and distributors throughout the world. For more information, contact Kaleidescape at 888-352-5343 or 650-625-6150, or visit Kaleidescape online at www.kaleidescape.com.