Kaleidescape Enhancements Provide Music and Movie Lovers with More Ways to Personalize the Home Entertainment Experience

New Keaos 3.5 Includes iTunes Compatibility, Classical Music Support, Greater Reliability and Additional Personalization Options

Sunnyvale, CA – December 4, 2007 – Kaleidescape, Inc., the market leader in entertainment servers, today unveiled the latest version of its proprietary Kaleidescape Entertainment Appliance Operating System (KEAOS 3.5) that provides Kaleidescape owners more ways to enjoy their movies and music throughout their homes. New features include the ability to automatically synchronize music from a Kaleidescape System to iTunes® on a PC, an iPod® or other digital music player; an innovative classical music interface that lets users easily personalize their classical music listening experience; greater data safety in the event of disk drive failure; and new options for sharing personalized movie scripts and favorite scenes with other Kaleidescape users.

Kaleidescape products have changed the way movies and music are collected and enjoyed throughout the home or yacht. The Kaleidescape System provides a compelling and easy-to-use interface, and can store and manage large collections of DVD movies and audio CDs. It automatically organizes movie and music collections and provides rich descriptive information for most DVDs and CDs. Once movies and music are stored on the Kaleidescape System, they can be enjoyed instantly in any Kaleidescape Player-equipped room.

“We are dedicated to providing our customers with new capabilities that make the home entertainment experience more rewarding,” said Michael Malcolm, founder, chairman and CEO of Kaleidescape. “The features in KEAOS 3.5 provide Kaleidescape owners with even more flexibility and choice, such as the ability to take their valued music collections on the go through our new iTunes® integration, and capabilities for classical music designed to meet the needs of everyone, from beginning collectors to classical music aficionados.”

Features and Benefits of the New KEAOS Version 3.5

Kaleidescape Conductor for Music

 – Kaleidescape Conductor, a small Windows program, allows users to choose a collection of any or all of their Kaleidescape-stored music content to enjoy on their PC in the iTunes music application program, or take on the go in their iPod portable music player or other digital music player. Conductor automatically keeps the selected collection synchronized with iTunes on the users’ PC. Once in iTunes, the content can be managed as it normally would, including synchronization to an iPod.

User-defined Music Collections

 – User-defined Music Collections have been added to allow users to organize their music in any way they desire. Collections can contain albums, artists, genres, mix albums (playlists) or any combination thereof and can be titled as chosen by the user. For example, a user might create “My favorite College Albums and Artists” or “Exercise Albums.” Artists and genres in collections automatically update when matching content is added or removed from the Kaleidescape System.

Classical Music Interface

 – Classical music collectors tend to organize their classical collections differently than other varieties of music, as classical music is composer-oriented. With Kaleidescape’s new Classical Music Interface, users are provided views of their collections that uniquely benefit the classical music genre. The new Music Collections included with this feature are “Classical Composers” and “Classical Works.” The “Classical Composers” collection lists all of the composers of the classical music found on a Kaleidescape System and enables the user to view biographic information about each composer, as well as the works by each composer that are present on the System. The “Classical Works” collection displays all classical compositions on the System and provides a means to see and play any or all performances of a specific work.

“Classical music lovers understand that there are many ways to organize a classical music collection – by composers, instruments, categories of work, individual works, venues and more,” said Leon Shaw, Founder and Chairman of Audio Advice, a Kaleidescape dealer. “And, when they are ready to enjoy their collections, the ability to select music based on these important details is essential. Most music servers are not capable of arranging classical music in a way that is intuitive and pays attention to detail. Only Kaleidescape provides the intelligence that allows classical music fans to personalize and perfect their music listening experience.”

Greater Disk Protection

 – This enhancement increases the reliability of restoring the contents of a failed disk using RAID-K. This enhancement reduces the probability of a double-disk failure which can result in the loss of data.

Import and Export of Scripts

 – Movie scripts developed by Kaleidescape owners can now be exported from one System and imported on another, including embedded favorite scenes. This feature enables users to share their favorite scripts with one another, or between their own Kaleidescape Servers if installed in multiple locations. The feature will also allow Kaleidescape dealers to share scripts with their customers.


KEAOS 3.5 is available immediately on all new Kaleidescape Systems. It will be provided automatically to existing customers in January 2008.


About Kaleidescape

The Kaleidescape System is redefining home entertainment by transforming the way movies and music are collected, managed and enjoyed throughout the home or yacht. The Kaleidescape System combines a compelling interface, outstanding industrial design, and services that set new standards in the consumer electronics industry. Kaleidescape was founded in 2001 and is privately held. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with research and development conducted by Kaleidescape Canada, Inc., based in Waterloo, Ontario. Kaleidescape products are available through a worldwide network of custom-installation dealers and distributors. For more information, contact Kaleidescape at (888) 352-5343 or (650) 625-6150, or visit www.kaleidescape.com.