Kaleidescape Partners With Crestron

Kaleidescape Whole House Networked Video System Complements Crestron Whole House Networked Control Solutions

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – March 4, 2004 – Kaleidescape, Inc. announced today that they have partnered with Crestron, the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems, to have a Crestron I2P Certified Module created allowing seamless integration of a Kaleidescape Movie Server into a Crestron system environment.

This partnership was a natural evolution of two leading manufacturers in the custom installation market. Kaleidescape won CEDIA’s 2003 Best Video Product of the Year, while Crestron took home the only double honors in manufacturing excellence with Best Audio Product of the Year and Best Home Networking Product of the Year. “Crestron is the acknowledged leader in whole house integration systems and we are delighted to be working with the best supplier in this category,” noted Kaleidescape’s Vice President, Corporate Marketing Mark Glazier. “Most of our dealers specify Crestron control systems and we naturally wanted to make the integration of our products with Crestron simpler for that significant dealer group.”

A Kaleidescape System, which is typically installed as a whole house solution for networked, high-end distributed video, allows users to securely store their entire DVD library on hard disks, and to access any movie in their collection from any viewing zone in their home. The Kaleidescape System offers features not available elsewhere such as automated screen mask adjustment based on the movie’s aspect ratio, and automatic selection of the audio track such as Dolby Digital or DTS.

“This Crestron module release provides Kaleidescape dealers an interface control solution that can fully exploit the power and performance of the Kaleidescape System. Crestron’s ease of integration offers great potential for accessing our Movie Server from any zone in the house tailored to that viewing location. We are eager to offer our dealers further benefits of Kaleidescape’s rich control architecture through the use of the Crestron control system,” concluded Glazier.

“The Kaleidescape Movie Server is a revolutionary product our dealers have begun integrating with us on a regular basis. Our I2P Certified module offers our dealers a reliable, feature-rich, intuitive interface for their clients to access their content on the Kaleidescape. Crestron is proven to be the best in distributed audio and video, making Kaleidescape a natural partner for integration into any Crestron Total Home Technology solution, “ commented Chris Wildfoerster, Director of Market Development at Crestron.

Kaleidescape recently installed Crestron touch panel control systems in their corporate facilities, including Crestron’s new QMRMC for economical control of three separate zones via the Ethernet. Crestron has also incorporated the Kaleidescape System into their facility for training and demonstration purposes.

The Crestron module will be available to Kaleidescape dealers via the Kaleidescape website (www.kaleidescape.com) and is presently available in the Design Center at the Crestron site (www.crestron.com).


About Kaleidescape

Quickly distinguished as a pioneer in A/V convergence technology, Kaleidescape, Inc. has developed a new category of consumer electronics products that transforms the way consumers enjoy movies at home. Designed for the discriminating home theater enthusiast, the Kaleidescape System redefines in-home video entertainment through a convenient, easy to use movie server that allows customers to quickly access their entire movie collection from anywhere in the home. The Kaleidescape System features an outstanding user interface, and a highly reliable design, to maximize the theatrical experience of home entertainment.

About Crestron

Crestron Electronics is the world’s premier designer and manufacturer of advanced control systems and automation solutions for corporate boardrooms, training, and conference rooms, video conferencing and distance learning centers, entertainment facilities and high-tech homes. Our philosophy of ProductsPlusPeople illustrates a total focus and commitment to providing the best products, programs, and services in the industry – all backed by Crestron’s dedicated team of people.