The Kaleidescape System Stores All Your DVDs, and Allows Access From Anywhere in the Home

Las Vegas, NV – January 6 – 9, 2005 – CES 2005 Booth # South Hall 25212 with D-BOX Technologies — The Kaleidescape System is an Entertainment Server that allows users to store their entire DVD library on hard disks, and to access any movie in their collection from any viewing zone in their home. With a combination of proprietary patent-pending hardware, software and services, Kaleidescape is defining the future of how movies will be enjoyed at home.

A Kaleidescape System includes rack-mountable hardware components, proprietary operating system software, and Kaleidescape’s Movie Guide Service. A basic Kaleidescape System has one Server with sufficient storage for approximately 180 DVDs (expandable to approximately 500 DVDs or 3.3 terabytes), one Movie Player, and one DVD Reader. Additional Servers, Movie Players and DVD Readers can be added to the System at any time to increase both movie storage capacity and the number of viewing zones. The lifetime Kaleidescape Movie Guide Service enhances the movie selection experience by delivering cover art, movie synopses, genre information, and other details about thousands movies.

The Kaleidescape System complements virtually any existing entertainment system. Analog and digital audio/video outputs on the Kaleidescape Movie Player connect to the user’s existing A/V system in the media room, kid’s room, bedroom, or any other room in the house where convenient access to their movie library is desired. Each Kaleidescape Movie Player and DVD Reader simply connect to the Server(s) via a 100 BaseT Ethernet LAN.

The Kaleidescape System works by importing an exact replica of the DVD files onto the server, including the copy protection. Since no additional compression is applied, no quality is lost. The same bits are streamed to the Movie Player located in any desired viewing zone. The content resides on the Kaleidescape Server and can only be played on the Kaleidescape Players within the home; it cannot be copied to PCs, rewritten to blank DVDs, or accessed via the Internet. Kaleidescape manufactures its products under license from the DVD Copy Control Association, Inc. and Macrovision, Inc., among others, and is committed to protecting the intellectual property rights of the content owners.

Once imported, the user has instant access to their entire movie library utilizing an intuitive, easy-touse proprietary user interface which provides multiple ways to browse and select movies, play movies, jump to favorite scenes, pause, resume, and exercise parental control over which movies are available in each viewing zone. Each room can be configured for individual preferences such as audio settings, the screen aspect ratio and parental control. Movies can be selected either by the onscreen movie list sorted by title, genre, director, or actor; or users can peruse the vivid cover art which appears on-screen and automatically shuffles similar titles into view. Homeowners can even scroll through their user-programmable favorites menu, a recommended movie list or even a preselected “watch-soon” list. The Kaleidescape Movie Guide Service can be controlled with current AMX, Crestron and IP-based touch panels, or universal remote controllers.

Unique/Novel Features:

  • One Kaleidescape Server can store approximately 500 DVD movies. Additional Servers can be added to store thousands of movies, which appear to the user as a single consolidated movie library.
  • DVDs are imported bit-for-bit in native MPEG-2 format, including the copy protection.
  • The Movie Guide Service automatically provides detailed information about thousands of titles, so the user can easily navigate and select a movie. When a user imports a DVD onto a Kaleidescape System, the Movie Guide Service automatically provides the information about that movie, including: title, cover art, genre, parental control rating, cast, directors, synopsis and certain video bookmarks.
  • The homeowner can configure interface settings according to their individual preferences.
  • The user has the ability to pause a movie in one room, and resume it later in another. • Configurable levels of parental controls protect children from inappropriate content. Parental controls are based on MPAA ratings.
  • Kaleidescape’s patent-pending video bookmarks provide the flexibility to begin playing a movie wherever the user chooses: the start of the DVD disc, the start of the main feature, a trailer, or a favorite scene. Some of these bookmarks are provided automatically through Kaleidescape’s Movie Guide Service. In addition, the user can insert custom bookmarks to mark favorite scenes in movies.
  • RAID disk technology protects the movie collection in the event of a disk failure by using one of the disk cartridges to store redundant movie data. A failed disk cartridge can be removed, and a new one inserted, while the system is running; the redundant data is then used to recreate the movie data stored on the failed disk.
  • Movies that span multiple DVDs are automatically linked together to create a seamless viewing experience.

A Kaleidescape Base System lists for $27,000 and includes a Kaleidescape Server with sufficient storage for 180 DVDs (expandable to 500 DVDs), a Digital Movie Player for playback in a single zone, and a DVD Reader for importing DVDs. These components are connected by the household Ethernet network. A scalable system architecture permits an additional Digital Movie Player to be added to the network for each desired viewing zone, and additional Kaleidescape Servers to be added for storing thousands of DVDs.

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About Kaleidescape, Inc.

Quickly distinguished as a pioneer in A/V convergence technology, Kaleidescape, Inc. has developed a new category of consumer electronics products and services that are transforming the way consumers enjoy movies at home. Designed for the discriminating home video enthusiast, the Kaleidescape System sets the standard for an easy-to-use entertainment server that enables the customer to quickly access their entire movie collection from anywhere in their home. The Kaleidescape System combines a compelling industrial design, ingenious engineering, and an outstanding user interface to make watching movies at home easier and more enjoyable than ever.