Selecting Movies and Music - How to Video

Video Transcript

After movies and albums are imported, press the menu button. Use the right and left arrows to select movies or music.
Let’s start with movies. Use the up and down arrows and then press ok to select a view. There are three views; movie list, movie covers, and movie collections.
Use the movie list view to sort your movies so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly.
Use the movie covers view to choose a movie by cover art or when you want suggestions for similar movies.
Use the movie collections view for personalized lists of your movies.
The same three views can be used to browse your music library.
Sort your collection by artist, album, or genre, in the music list view.
Reconnect with the artwork from your favorite albums in the music covers view.
Use the music collections view to play all of the music in a genre. Create and play a mix album or find classical performances by composer or work.
If you have a disc in the tray, you can play or import it by pressing menu and selecting a disc.