chuck g
"It's simple and a pleasure to use"

Chuck G.

Greensboro, GA

I’ve been an HT/Media Room enthusiast since 1983. I started with a VCR, Laser Disc Player and some kind of “surround” processor. I built my first real home theater in 1991.

When the original Kaleidescape system came out I looked at it and didn’t understand. Why something so expensive, just to not have to stick discs into a player? I work as an audio calibration professional, and spend a fair amount of time in high-end home theaters and dealer showrooms. Over the last 4 or 5 years, I began to notice virtually ALL of the high end home theater showrooms had Kaleidescape systems. I started thinking I should pay attention.

About a year ago I read about the new Encore system. It caught my attention because Kaleidescape was now offering a solution at a price point I could consider acquiring. I bought an Alto, and was hooked. I’ve now gotten to the point where handling discs really isn’t my thing anymore. Furthermore, since some of my nearly 1000 movies are not available on the Kaleidescape Movie Store, I added a Disc Server. So now, I don’t have to handle any more discs. As soon as 4K quality becomes consistent (Mastering quality varies widely and many 4K titles are up sampled from 2K) AND the Kaleidescape store delivers timely releases of 4K movies, I’ll be adding a Strato to my system.

Before making the decision to buy my Alto, I seriously considered the DIY approach. It would have saved me some real money. But NO alternative provides the “experience” or has the “industry acceptance” of Kaleidescape.

Having now enjoyed my Kaleidescape system for over I year, I love it. It’s so much more than just an alternative to handling discs. It’s an excellent means for categorizing my entire movie, concert video and multi-channel music (DVD-A) library (even those I choose not to store on the system). Very quick, variable-criteria search is possible with either my Control4 remote or the Kaleidescape iPad app. The user interface is incredible. It’s simple and a pleasure to use. It even eliminates the “pain in the rear” of fast forwarding through unwanted previews and can take me right to our favorite “scenes”. That makes doing quick demos of our theater to guests really fun! Plus, the picture quality is incredible.

What’s not to like?