"“… not just an investment, but a relationship…”"

Ed Daone

Kaleidescape Customer

As a husband, and father of 2 young children, my movie, and music preferences are constantly changing while at the same time expanding. As a family man, when deciding to make a major purchase these days I look for long-term value relative to price. My Kaleidescape system is the perfect example. Not only does it get used daily, but my entire family gets to enjoy it. Everyone from Grandma to my 4-year old has their own personal collection stored on it. I ordered the “Child” remote for my 4-year old, and she is excited at the idea of being able to control the system all by herself, while my wife and I have the peace of mind knowing that the remote can be customized to only access age-appropriate material.

But perhaps the best feature about Kaleidescape, aside from the hardware itself, is that the Kaleidescape “experience” doesn’t just end at the point of sale. They’re there for you with tremendous customer support. Even the simplest question gets answered promptly, professionally, and courteously. They go above and beyond on their customer’s behalf… they won’t let an issue ever become a problem. For me, Kaleidescape is not just an investment, but a relationship, and it’s hard to place a price on that kind of value.