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"“I liked it so much I had it installed in all of my homes.”"

Kostas K.

Geneva, Switzerland

I’m a very happy owner of five Kaleidescape systems. I bought my first Premiere system in 2012. I liked it so much I had it installed in all of my homes. This way my family and I can enjoy the same wonderful movie viewing experience wherever we go. We have both Premiere and Encore systems in our primary home and a mix of Alto and Cinema One systems in our other homes.

I was first attracted to Kaleidescape as a way to manage our library of more than 1000 DVDs and Blu-Ray titles. My wife immediately loved that we no longer had shelves clogged with disks everywhere. But, we soon discovered the user interface to be an even more attractive feature. All of my family loves our Kaleidescape and our friends think it is phenomenal. Everyone is happy that we can enjoy different movies on different screens all from the same system. A really fun surprise for us was the “you might like” recommendations the system suggests for us.

I was thrilled when the Strato player came out. I like being an early adopter and several things attracted me to Strato. At the top of the list was the playback image quality of 4K content from the Kaleidescape online store. The quality is the best seen from any medium and blows away any other download or streaming sources. It makes the most of our 4K displays. I buy every 4K title I can online from the Kaleidescape Movie Store. It’s great to not have to rip discs anymore and to buy titles from a known and trusted source. I and my family look forward to being able to get more and more titles from the Kaleidescape Movie Store. We love Kaleidescape!