sean n
"...something I can only do with my Kaleidescape system."

Sean N.

Philadelphia, PA

I have been working on my home theater for 6 years now. At 27 years old, I know there are many things I still need to learn about this hobby. I have tried many products already, as my hobby has developed into an obsession, with me buying and selling speakers or projectors frequently.

But without a doubt, my Kaleidescape setup, consisting of a Strato, an Alto, and a Disc Server, has been the focal point of my home theater whenever I have guests over. There’s no better way for me to show off my system than with the ability to quickly flip between movie scenes using the beautiful user interface. A 45-minute demo used to consist of me putting 5-6 discs in my Blu-ray player one at a time, but I can now easily show scenes from 20+ movies in the same time frame.

When I don’t have time for a movie, there are times when I literally just watch my favorite scenes from a wide selection of movies… something I can only do with my Kaleidescape system.

I’m a health freak for sure, but I cannot imagine going back to the inconvenience of getting out of my seat to keep putting discs in my Blu-ray player now that I have 500+ movies available at any moment!

On top of all of this, the iPad app provides a phenomenal experience for easily controlling everything on a large touch screen.
The future looks incredibly bright for Kaleidescape, and I’m in it for the long haul!