Testimony Theo K
"...Kaleidescape has become the most indispensable piece of hardware in my theater."

Theo Kalomirakis

Executive Director, Rayva

I am the kind of old-fashioned guy who has a tactile relationship with my movies: I locate what I want to see, I look at the liner notes to get excited, I plop the disc into the player, I watch the movie, and I return it to the shelf when it’s over. But with 15,000 (and counting) titles in my collection, many of the movies are on shelves as high as 13 feet off the floor–which means I need a ladder to reach them. Sadly, it also means I have stopped watching movies beyond my immediate reach. . . .

I am glad to report I do not have this problem anymore. Not long ago, I got my first Kaleidescape, and the first thing I did was transfer to it 500 of my favorite—but rarely seen—movies. Since then, Kaleidescape has become the most indispensable piece of hardware in my theater. I can watch any movie I want, anytime I want it. Just as importantly, I don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the transfer like I do when I stream a movie from Netflix or Amazon.

NOTE: Theo Kalomirakis will be reviewing movies from the Kaleidescape store in a weekly column, The Kaleidescape Corner, to be featured in the upcoming site www.rayvaroundtable.com. Rayva offers end-to-end solutions for home entertainment that incorporate designs, design accessories and AV electronics including a Kaleidescape unit.