"The real home run is the end-user experience."

“Tut” the Abyssinian Cat

Spokane, WA

I’ve owned many other pieces of high-end equipment, and most are often “buggy,” especially when they’re in the early stages of their software development. Not Kaleidescape. It always works – perfectly and seamlessly – every time. I’ve had my Kaleidescape system about six years, and every year it keeps getting better. The Kaleidescape engineering magicians are constantly improving the operating system software, and of course the experience. One of my Kaleidescape players is hooked up to a state-of-the-art Runco Projector with a 7-1/2 ft widescreen, and the picture quality is jaw dropping. The Kaleidescape player is at the highest level of the food chain when it comes to “audiophile” and “videophile” quality.

Even to the most discriminating viewer or listener, I can’t imagine they could be disappointed. The last reason I want to touch on is just how cool the Kaleidescape system is. And I mean AWESOMELY COOL. You have instantaneous access to any movie, any part of a movie, any scene, and any song, in any room of the house. The real home run is the end-user experience. It’s one of those rare pieces of technology that perfectly blends state-of-the-art high tech, ease of use, and superb customer care.