wayne and cathy t
"We can’t imagine home video without Kaleidescape."

Wayne and Cathy T.

British Columbia, Canada

My wife and I are avid film collectors. We started collecting 8mm condensed 1-reel movies and migrated through Beta and VHS tape, laser disc, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray, and now UHD Blu-ray. They’ve all had their challenges, but the common one is they take up lots of space. At one point, we had 6 large bookshelves overflowing. Organizing our library and finding a title to view made movie time no fun. Then came Kaleidescape!

Kaleidescape has been essential to our home theatre systems for over 12 years. Nothing else can keep our ever-expanding collection organized and so easily accessible. We cannot imagine how we managed without Kaleidescape. Friends are blown away by what it can do and how easy it is to use. Our children enjoyed having friends over to surf our collection to find a title for their movie nights. Their guests had never seen anything like it. Parental controls ensured safe viewing for the kids, and a worry-free evening for their parents. Now empty-nesters in a condo, the system continues to delight – the pinnacle of film library management.

With advances in high quality downloads making UHD/HDR quality a reality, the new Encore series Strato player provides an ultra-premium Kaleidescape experience. The Encore Terra server stores our downloaded HD and UHD/HDR titles. The build quality and appearance of the new line is top notch. The interface is smooth and quick, with ultra-sharp graphics. Additionally, the Kaleidescape Movie Store steadily releases UHD/HDR titles – many not even yet available on disc. The video and audio quality of these releases is absolutely stunning. Even playback of Blu-ray quality titles is a notch above the previous player.

As collectors, we’ve always preferred to own actual product over streaming, whether that be physical medium or download. The quality is a big step up from streaming, and we know it will be there when we want it. No buffering, no stuttering, just immaculate video and audio performance. Downloading from the Kaleidescape Movie Store is the quality choice for anyone passionate about film. The Encore Strato player and Terra server deliver the best high quality experience with unmatched organizational ease and accessibility. We can’t imagine home video without Kaleidescape. To us – it’s essential!