Unrecognized Discs & The Kaleidescape Loan Program

Video Transcript

Sometimes after you import a movie, cover art, or other information is missing. These movies appear with black placeholders for the cover art, and may appear as unknown in the ListView, You can enter your own information about these movies or we can do it for you.

First, you’ll want to identify all unrecognized discs. Open a web browser, enter my-Kaleidescape, and press enter to access the browser interface. Select the movies tab, go to the collection drop-down menu, and select unrecognized movies. To enter information yourself, click on the movie, enter the title of the movie, then enter the UPC or universal product code. To find the UPC, look for a barcode on the disc packaging and enter all of the numbers, including the two small ones at the ends, then click OK. Kaleidescape will then try to find information about the movie and update your system.

If you lend the disc to a Kaleidescape, we will provide more information, including video bookmarks, so you can play the movie without navigating the disc menu. Check out our loan program to learn more.