What Can My Kaleidescape Do for Me?

We share some useful information so you can derive the highest value from your investment in Kaleidescape.

Pre-ordered movies will download in advance and remind you of the release date.

You can be among the very first to enjoy a movie at home by pre-ordering it.

Movies can be purchased while they are still showing in theaters. Kaleidescape will download a purchased movie a few days before that title is allowed by the studio for home entertainment. We will send you a reminder email and notify you via our Kaleidescape mobile app on the day when your pre-order movie is ready for viewing.

Kaleidescape can keep you up-to-date with three ways to browse and buy movies.

Movies can be purchased online from any web browser, from your smartphone or tablet using the Kaleidescape mobile app, or from the onscreen display (screen) on your Kaleidescape Strato player.

The Kaleidescape movie store URL is: https://www.kaleidescape.com/movie-store/.

You can download the Kaleidescape mobile app for iOS or Android from the respective app stores.

You can access the onscreen store by navigating to the Menu on your Kaleidescape player.

Downloaded movies can be watched even when the Internet is down.

Kaleidescape movies are downloaded to the system within your home. Once a movie has downloaded, it does not need an Internet connection for playback. This is one of the significant advantages of the Kaleidescape movie player because you need not worry about delays or interruptions during playback. Every movie experience is pristine and predictably cinematic regardless of external network bandwidth factors.

Movie options for your next movie night can be shared with friends from the mobile app.

This is a great way to invite friends over for movie night or let the family know which movies you’re thinking of downloading for your next showing. The share icon is located at the top right of the app screen when viewing a movie’s details. Once selected, you can choose the messenger or email app of your choice for sharing the movie link. A movie cover and link to the movie details will be sent to your contacts.

Movie sound will astound because Kaleidescape gives you better Dolby Atmos compared to Dolby Atmos from streaming providers.

Kaleidescape’s Strato movie players deliver lossless Dolby Atmos using Dolby TrueHD while streaming services deliver highly compressed, lossy Dolby Atmos using Dolby Digital Plus technology. Why this matters is that movie soundtracks played on Strato players will sound more crisp, detailed, and complete than movies played back from streaming services.

You also get better “4K” and “HDR” on Kaleidescape.

The “4K“ and “HDR” marketing terms are used everywhere, but such jargon don’t always deliver the picture quality as the director had intended for his audience. These acronyms refer to the latest movie formats that allow moviemakers to provide higher resolution, more colors, brighter highlights, and darker darks as compared to movies authored without these technologies. 4K refers to higher resolution but that doesn’t always mean a crisper picture though. The video compression algorithms used by streaming services greatly reduce the crispness of movies while still technically being 4K (in resolution). This effect of a highly compressed video stream is frequently noticed as “color banding” when viewing darkly lit streamed movie scenes. Marketing and technical terms aside, Kaleidescape’s 4K HDR movies provide the most stunning picture detail of any format delivered to the home over the Internet, many times over, and is often superior to the 4K Blu-ray Ultra HD disc format. With Kaleidescape, you can have excellent picture quality with the convenience of Internet-delivered content.

Screen masking technology can be automated to give a “real cinema” feel to projector installations.

Kaleidescape provides image aspect ratio information to automation systems for all of our movie downloads. Our metadata for movies allows motorized masking systems to automatically position light-absorbing masks into the places immediately above, below, and to the sides of the projected picture to ensure that unwanted light isn’t reflected in the room. Eliminating those unwanted reflections maximizes the contrast seen on the screen, resulting in a more vibrant and more impressive projected picture.

The integration of this feature requires your Kaleidescape dealer to integrate the movie player with your home control and automation system.

Lighting events can be automated by your Kaleidescape player like a virtual projectionist.

Your Kaleidescape player can do lighting magic when fully integrated with your home control and automation system. For example, the movie player can automatically send instructions to your control system to set different lighting scenes such as dimming the lights when the movie starts, or turning on the lights to half brightness for a brief intermission, and gradually bring the lights back on when the end credits start rolling. Integrating the lighting cues that are unique to Kaleidescape movies is a great way to recreate the real cinema feel at home.

The integration of this feature requires your Kaleidescape dealer to integrate the movie player with your home control and automation system.

Growing your Kaleidescape system can be done easily as your needs evolve.

Kaleidescape players and servers automatically integrate, allowing all sorts of expandability options. If storage space runs out on your existing server, another server can easily be added to the current system. Adding another player in a new bedroom or recreation room is just as easy. All of the viewing locations will have the same predictable access to your entire content.

Purchased movies can be downloaded to as many as five homes.

A large number of Kaleidescape customers have installed systems in their second and third homes, but that doesn’t mean that they have to re-purchase those movies. The Kaleidescape Mobile App makes it easy to select where you want your movies downloaded – and one option is to have movies downloaded to all of your homes.

You can enjoy bite-sized entertainment on Kaleidescape.

Our movie experts have bookmarked the most notable scenes in thousands of movies. If you want to revisit some of those favorite moments, browsing through Kaleidescape scenes for such titles is a great way to get a quick entertainment fix, and this feature helps you demonstrate the way you watch movies at home to your friends and visitors.

You can create favorite scenes for your movies.

While watching a movie, bring up the “Playback Options” overlay, usually labeled as the “info” or “options” button on your remote or touch panel. Scroll right to the New Scene option, add a start location to the scene, and then add an end to the scene. Then, save and name your scene. Your own favorite scene is now available from the movie details screen and is marked with a heart icon.

Movies can be organized into collections.

Movies can be added to various collections from the onscreen interface of any Kaleidescape player. Select a movie to bring up its details, then scroll down and select the “Add to Collection” item. Check the collection you would like to add that movie to or select “Create New Collection” to name a new collection. You can then view all of your movie collections by changing to “Collections” view, using the main menu or through a dedicated button on some remotes.

Parents can control what their children see on the Kaleidescape interface.

Kaleidescape players can be configured to hide movie titles above a specific parental rating. Parental control is easy and applies to all viewing locations within the home.

To do this, access the system -> Settings place from the Menu screen. Set the appropriate parental rating for this player from the Parental Control menu item. Now create a passcode under the Passcode menu to prevent changes to the parental settings without authorization.

For families with small children, Kaleidescape also offers a dedicated Child Remote. Featuring a colorful, rounded design, the remote includes big kid-friendly buttons that can be easily operated by little fingers. As soon as your player detects that the Child Remote is being used, it switches the user interface to a simplified covers-only presentation, and only shows movies you’ve explicitly chosen for your child’s viewing.

Deleted movies can be re-downloaded.

Movies purchased from Kaleidescape can be deleted from your system and then re-downloaded at any point in the future. Your list of purchased movies from Kaleidescape is stored in our cloud.

Movies can be deleted from the onscreen display of any Kaleidescape Strato or Alto player. Select a movie to bring up its details, scroll down, and select “More Options,” then select “Delete.”

More movies can be displayed, and lens swapping can be eliminated for 2.35 projectors.

The CinemaScape feature is designed so that your 2.35:1 projector never has to change modes, and the anamorphic lens can be left in place. The Kaleidescape player uses its video processing to present all the films in your library in their proper aspect ratio when projected through the lens. Kaleidescape positions the subtitles properly so that they remain visible (otherwise, they would normally become invisible behind the black bars).

The integration of this feature requires your Kaleidescape dealer to integrate the movie player with your home control and automation system.

Downloaded movies can be presented in three ways.

You can browse movies that are downloaded to your system as a mosaic of covers, a sortable list of titles and their details, or as collections of similar movies. These views are accessed from the player’s main menu, or from preprogrammed buttons located in your control system interface.

Covers View

List View

Collections View