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For over a decade, Kaleidescape has provided the best way for families to create and share amazing cinematic experiences with the films that they love. Our beautifully designed onscreen user interface makes choosing the perfect movie an entertaining experience for the whole family.

Encore System

A Kaleidescape Encore System is ideal for a small, medium, or large installation where the customer prefers to purchase and download movies via the Internet, or desires 4K Ultra HD or high-dynamic-range video.

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Kaleidescape Cinema One

Browse your entire collection with friends and family and enjoy your content in the highest audio and video quality available—without warnings, previews, menus, or ads.

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Premiere System

A Kaleidescape Premiere System is best suited for a medium or large installation where the customer prefers to buy movies on Blu-ray discs.

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"The resolution and the sound
were absolutely incredible."

"It always works, it's easy to find what I'm looking for, and the video and sound quality are mind blowing."

"Kaleidescape is my go-to and first choice
for watching movies…"