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02 October 2018

MYS Insight Report: Technology


01 October 2018

Kaleidescape intros dedicated marine movie service


27 September 2018

Kaleidescape Marine Movie Service


27 September 2018

Kaleidescape’s New Marine Movie Service is the Height of Convenience

17 August 2018

Technology Insider’s interview with Cheena Srinivasan, pt 2

12 August 2018

Kaleidescape’s Big Play at CEDIA 2018: Director Barry Sonnenfeld Talks Luxury Home Theater

10 August 2018

Technology Insider’s interview with Cheena Srinivasan, pt 1

25 July 2018

A look inside the amazing smart-home systems that rich people use

23 February 2018

The Story of Kaleidescape’s Movie Store

21 February 2018

Kaleidescape’s Interface Gets Even Better


29 January 2018

Are yachts facing a Cinematic Content Crisis?


07 January 2018

Kaleidescape Adopts NexGuard Content Protection; Prepping for Day-and-Date Movie Releases?


03 January 2018

NexGuard & Kaleidescape partner to protect superyacht home entertainment

03 January 2018

Kaleidescape taps NexGuard to protect pristine content in early window for home entertainment


28 September 2017

Sony Introduces 3 New 4K Projectors; Partners with Kaleidescape for 4K Content


21 September 2017

Rejuvenated Kaleidescape Is Ready to Conquer Digital 4K Video


18 September 2017

Sony Still Outpacing ‘True 4K’ Projector Pack; Partners with Kaleidescape


18 September 2017

CEDIA 2017 Show Wrap-up


13 September 2017

Kaleidescape’s Take on Apple TV 4K


13 September 2017

Kaleidescape’s CEO on the New Apple TV 4K


12 September 2017

Sony & Kaleidescape Push 4K Hard


11 September 2017

Do You Own an AV Boat Anchor?


8 September 2017

Kaleidescape Teases ‘Buy Movie’ Interface


8 September 2017

Co-Star Gives Kaleidescape Collections Equal Billing


7 September 2017

CEDIA 2017: Kaleidescape Signs Fox For 4K, Eyes PVOD


7 September 2017

Kaleidescape Co-Star unlocks 4K content


7 September 2017

Sony Announces New 4K HDR Projectors with Prices Starting at $5,000


7 September 2017

Sony Announces $5,000 Native 4K Projector


7 September 2017

Sony’s New Entry Level VPL-VW285ES Projector Delivers 4K Performance for Under $5,000​


6 September 2017

Sony Projects True 4K and Teams With Kaleidescape


6 September 2017

Kaleidescape Returns To CEDIA With `Co-Star’ Linking Kit For Legacy Devices


21 August 2017

Pure Audio Power and CDGi Design Make This Home Theater Stand Out


18 July 2017

Kaleidescape Distributor Pulse Cinemas Reacts to EU Kodi Ruling


17 July 2017

Q&A: Kaleidescape CEO Cheena Srinivasan


14 July 2017

How Kaleidescape Delivers Real HD


6 July 2017

Kaleidescape: Digital Download Convenience Meets 4K Disc Quality


28 June 2017

Kaleidescape: Tenacity Personified


8 June 2017

New Kaleidescape Solution to Meld Physical Discs with Strato 4K Movie Player


31 May 2017

Disc Bloat is Back! How to Tame It


27 April 2017

Inside Trump’s Kaleidescape Home Theatre On His Private Plane


2 March 2016

PRIMA Cinema and Kaleidescape Promote Premium AV in NYC


18 November 2015

Kaleidescape’s Cheena Srinivasan Answers 8 Questions On Encore


27 October 2015

Kaleidescape Strato Movie Player Does 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos, But Still no Netflix


21 October 2015

Kaleidescape Announces 4K Strato Movie Player


20 October 2015

CEDIA Expo: 4K Players, Projectors Coming to Home Theaters


19 October 2015

Kaleidescape Inc to offer 4K UHD movies from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment in its new movie players


19 October 2015

Kaleidescape to Offer 4K Movies for New Strato 4K Movie Player


Press Releases

01 February 2016

Kaleidescape Forges Partnership with 20th Century Fox For Film & TV Titles

05 January 2016

Kaleidescape Inks License Agreements With The Orchard, K2 Communications, and Moving Art, For 4K Ultra HD and Blu-Ray Quality Titles

16 December 2015

Kaleidescape Expands Movie Selection For its UK Customers


15 October 2015

Kaleidescape Announces New Encore Line Of Products Industry’s First 4K Ultra HD High-Dynamic-Range Movie Player


15 October 2015

Kaleidescape Announces its Third-Generation Movie Store, Featuring 4K Ultra HD Titles For Download To Kaleidescape’s New Movie Players


15 October 2015

Kaleidescape To Offer 4K Ultra HD Films From Sony Pictures Home Entertainment For its New Strato Movie Players


20 May 2015

Kaleidescape Announces Digital Delivery Of Animated and Live-Action Favorites From The Walt Disney Studios For its Alto Movie Players


06 May 2015

Kaleidescape Announces A Significant Expansion Of its U.S. Distribution Strategy


04 December 2014

Kaleidescape Introduces A New Movie Player That Delivers Unmatched Convenience, Quality and Selection For Enjoying Movies At Home


11 November 2014

Kaleidescape Licenses NBCUniversal’s Films and TV Shows For Digital Download


11 September 2014

Kaleidescape Store Offers New Recommendation Engine, More Titles, and On-Screen Disc-To-Digital Offers


11 September 2014

Movie Selection Expands On Kaleidescape With Content Licensed From Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


08 September 2014

Kaleidescape Announces Support For High-Def Content At CEDIA Expo 2004


14 July 2014

Theo Kalomirakis To Unveil The Ultimate In Home Theaters


02 June 2014

Kaleidescape and DVD CCA Announce Settlement Agreement To End Decade-Old Lawsuit


25 March 2014

Kaleidescape Cinema One Wins Red Dot Award For Best Product Design


06 March 2014

Kaleidescape Names Cheena Srinivasan As New CEO


07 January 2014

Kaleidescape Debuts Limited Edition Cinema One with Preloaded Content for the Ultimate Movie Collector


09 December 2013

Kaleidescape Named 2014 Ces Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Honoree


05 November 2013

Cozy Up This Holiday Season With 50 Free Movies From Kaleidescape


01 October 2013

Kaleidescape Introduces Lionsgate Titles To The Kaleidescape Store


25 September 2013

Kaleidescape Showcases Cinema One At CEDIA Expo 2013


25 September 2013

Kaleidescape Store Expands To Canada


23 July 2013

Kaleidescape Introduces Cinema One At $3,995, Making The Ultimate Movie Experience More Accessible


06 June 2013

Kaleidescape Store Expands To United Kingdom


01 May 2013

Kaleidescape Launches World’s First Online Store For Downloading Blu-Ray™ Quality Movies and TV Shows


11 December 2012

Kaleidescape To Offer Films From Warner Bros. Digital Distribution For Purchase Through Kaleidescape Store


11 December 2012

Kaleidescape Offers Industry’s First Internet Delivery of Movies that Match Quality and Extra Content of Blu-ray Discs and DVDs


07 September 2012

Kaleidescape Adds Rotten Tomatoes® Movie Ratings To Award-Winning Ipad App


06 September 2012

Kaleidescape Adds Common Sense Media Parental Guidance To Award-Winning Ipad App


06 September 2012

Kaleidescape Introduces Exclusive Leonard Maltin Recommends Collection Of Movies


12 March 2012

California Court Rules Against Consumers and Innovation In DVD Copy Control Trial


07 September 2011

Kaleidescape Delivers Ultimate 2.35 Widescreen Experience


07 September 2011

Take Control Of Your Movies With The Kaleidescape App For iPad


30 August 2011

Kaleidescape Scenes Make Your Movies More Enjoyable Than Ever


19 July 2011

New Kaleidescape Vault Automatically Imports Your CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs and Stores Them For Easy Retrieval


13 December 2010

Kaleidescape Introduces Industry’s First Blu-Ray Movie Server


02 December 2010

Kaleidescape Announces Cinema One, An Out-Of-The-Box DVD Movie Server, Priced Below $5,000 MSRP In The United States and Canada


22 September 2010

Kaleidescape Introduces First User Interface For Young Children


02 September 2010

Kaleidescape Releases New App For iPhone


11 May 2010

Kaleidescape Introduces Next Generation Movie Players


31 March 2010

Kaleidescape Delivers Online System Dashboards and Automatic Notifications


03 March 2009

Introducing The Kaleidescape Mini System: A Complete Multi-Zone Entertainment Server In A Compact and Affordable Package


14 October 2008

Kaleidescape Achieves Three-Year Sales Growth of 747%, Ranks No. 415 on the 2008 Inc. 500 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies


28 August 2008

Kaleidescape Appoints Genesis Technologies Benelux As An Authorized Distributor


24 June 2008

Kaleidescape Introduces Support For Philips Pronto TSU9600 and TSU9400 Controllers


18 June 2008

New Kaleidescape Movie Players Produce Stunning Video Quality From Ordinary DVDs, Provide Viewing Experience That Rivals Blu-Ray


28 January 2008

Kaleidescape Signs Two New Distributors To Expand Commercial Presence In Spain, Portugal, Germany and Austria


04 December 2007

Kaleidescape Enhancements Provide Music and Movie Lovers With More Ways To Personalize The Home Entertainment Experience


06 September 2007

Kaleidescape Commemorates Fifth Cedia Anniversary, Highlights Five Years Of Industry, Company and Product-Related Milestones


06 September 2007

Kaleidescape Expands DVD Collections Library; Makes It Easy For Movie and Tv Lovers To Enjoy Hundreds Of Titles With One Purchase


04 September 2007

Kaleidescape Awarded Residential Systems’ Resi Award For Fourth Consecutive Year


02 April 2007

Kaleidescape Awarded Two 2007 Mark Of Excellence Awards By The Consumer Electronics Association


29 March 2007

Kaleidescape Prevails Over The DVD Copy Control Association


15 March 2007

Kaleidescape Unveils Highest Degree Of Storage Reliability, Data Protection and Scalability With Latest Product Offering


14 September 2006

Kaleidescape Broadens Market Reach With Next Generation Products


08 May 2006

CEDIA UK Preview


25 April 2006

Kaleidescape Adds Music To its Repertoire


23 January 2006

Kaleidescape Becomes Sponsoring Partner Of The San Francisco International Film Festival


12 January 2006

Kaleidescape Expands Presence In Europe


05 January 2006

Kaleidescape Joins D-Tools Manufacturer Vantage Point (MVP) Program


17 November 2005

Kaleidescape Named “Best Of The Best” In Home Entertainment


09 November 2005

Just Press Play: Kaleidescape Debuts Christmas, New York Times DVD Collections


25 May 2005

Kaleidescape Offers The Best In Family Entertainment With The Release Of Two New Family-Themed DVD Collections


28 April 2005

Kaleidescape Announces Two New Kaleidescape Systems and Software Release 2.4


10 January 2005

Poised for Success in the New Year, Kaleidescape Engages New Personnel


06 January 2005

The Kaleidescape System Stores all of your DVDs


05 January 2005

Kaleidescape to be Showcased in new Tweeter Entertainment Architects Store


08 September 2004

Kaleidescape Announces Availability Of International Products and Services


08 September 2004

Kaleidescape Dealer Network Surpasses One Hundred


08 September 2004

Kaleidescape Debuts Substantial New Features In its Latest Software Release At CEDIA EXPO 2004


08 September 2004

Kaleidescape Showcases Their New HDMI Digital Movie Player At CEDIA EXPO 2004


15 June 2004

Kaleidescape Partners With Stewart Filmscreen


21 April 2004

Kaleidescape Is The Hottest New Product In Custom Installation


04 March 2004

Kaleidescape Partners With Crestron


09 December 2003

Kaleidescape Creates The Ultimate Movie Guide Service To Enhance Their DVD Server Experience


09 December 2003

Watching Movies At Home Will Never Be The Same