Luxury Movie Service for Private Yachts

Kaleidescape has been delivering an unparalleled cinematic experience to the luxury yacht market for over a decade. Over 1,000 yachts are already providing the finest movies to their guests through custom-configured Kaleidescape systems, and we’re excited to take the marine movie experience to the next level. With our award-winning Strato line, Kaleidescape now offers full-fidelity movies in breathtaking 4K Ultra HD to our marine customers. With virtually unlimited expansion capabilities and thousands of movies to choose from, Kaleidescape offers marine customers the ultimate way to enjoy movies at sea.

Kaleidescape Marine Movie Service

With the Kaleidescape marine movie service, yacht representatives can browse thousands of movies from our fully licensed movie store. We have an extensive selection of content to choose from, including the latest new releases, binge-worthy TV shows, Hollywood classics, and music concerts. Once a selection is made, purchased movies can be factory-downloaded to a new Strato system and delivered to the yacht for installation. For already-installed Strato systems, movies can be added via a unique hard disk drive delivery service. Kaleidescape makes it easy for guests to watch what they want when they want, without the need for shiny discs or an Internet connection.


  • Best cinematic experience – experience true 4K with high dynamic range and full-bandwidth Dolby and DTS
  • Always available and predictable – content is stored and played onboard—not subject to Internet availability
  • Licensed content – content is purchased from a licensed retailer, making it worry-free
  • Convenient content delivery – easily add titles by purchasing content online and having it delivered on a hard disk drive

The Marine Movie Service

Content Purchased with a New System

New Content Purchase for an Installed Marine System

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