Kaleidescape Partnerships and Programs
Over two decades, Kaleidescape has become the industry-leading movie system for private cinema. Custom integrators know well that it takes a careful combination of multiple products working in concert to produce cinema magic. To achieve this, it’s necessary to invest not just in one component, but in an entire cinema solution. Therefore, Kaleidescape’s partnerships focus on joining forces with the most impressive brand leaders serving the residential home cinema industry.
Kaleidescape optimizes Sony’s high-end TVs and projectors for the ultimate 4K HDR experience.
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Meyer Sound
Kaleidescape and Meyer Sound deliver the gold standard in sonic performance to your private home cinema.
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Kaleidescape’s integration with Lutron HomeWorks sets the mood for a magical cinematic experience, every time.
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Trinnov Audio
Kaleidescape and Trinnov Audio present movies at full reference, creating an immersive cinematic experience.
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Stewart Filmscreen
Kaleidescape and Stewart Filmscreen bring the movie theater home with seamless screen masking.
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With Kaleidescape and CINEAK, just press play for the ultimate in cinematic playback and comfort.
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Keith Yates Design
Kaleidescape and Keith Yates Design raise the bar for cinematic experiences in the home.
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Keith Yates Design
With a complete voice-automated solution, Kaleidescape and Josh.ai create the ultimate integrated experience.
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