Home Theater Guide

Home Theater Design:
Top Considerations to Create a Room You’ll Love

Home theater design guru Lisa Slayman, Slayman Cinema, gives Kaleidescape tips from her experience designing home cinemas that bring the best in performance, design, comfort, and inspiration.
Article by Lisa Slayman | Slayman Cinema

Beyond Immersion:
Escaping into the You-Are-There™

Preeminent home theater acoustic designer Keith Yates discusses the Buzz and Fuzz around “immersive” movie experiences.
Article by Keith Yates | Keith Yates Design Group

What Matters Most:
Designing Private Cinemas with a Personal Touch

Theater design maestro and founder of Cinema Connoisseur Sam Cavitt muses on the importance of listening to the client in order to bring their vision to life.
Article by Sam Cavitt | Paradise Theater

Home Theater Speaker Placement

Jon Herron, Trinnov Audio, explains best practices on positioning home theater speakers and how to avoid mistakes for the best sound.
Article by Jon Herron | Trinnov Audio


Building a home theater? Want to upgrade your home cinema experience? This guide provides the tools you need to get started. Click the link to read our introduction, or jump to one of the topics below.


Audio, Chapter 1
Digital Audio & Compression
Audio, Chapter 2
Surround Sound
Audio, Chapter 3
Spatial Audio
Audio, Chapter 4
Selecting Speakers
Audio, Chapter 5
Selecting Amplifiers
Audio, Chapter 6
Selecting AV Receivers
Audio, Chapter 7
Audio Processors
Audio Design
Home Theater Speaker Placement, by Jon Herron


Video, Chapter 1
Screen Size
Video, Chapter 2
Video Resolution
Video, Chapter 3
TV or Projector
Video, Chapter 4
Selecting a TV
Video, Chapter 5
Selecting a Projector
Video, Chapter 6
Selecting a Projector Screen


System Design
Example Systems
System Design
Kaleidescape System Architecture
Theater Design
Image Gallery
Theater Design
Top Design Considerations, by Lisa Slayman
Theater Design
Beyond Immersion, by Keith Yates
Theater Design
What Matters Most, by Sam Cavitt