Kaleidescape Co-Star: 4K Upgrade for Premiere Systems

Many owners of Kaleidescape Premiere systems have expressed interest in upgrading to the new Kaleidescape Strato movie player so they can enjoy 4K Ultra HD movies in their homes.

For some of these customers, it makes sense to simply replace their Premiere system with a new Strato system, and convert their disc library into digital downloads. Other customers, however, want to retain the ability to play disc content. Strato cannot play discs – only content that has been downloaded from the Movie Store. So, a Strato cannot be a player in a Premiere system.

To address this customer need, we designed a solution that gives customers the best of both worlds – full access to Kaleidescape Movie Store content, including 4K Ultra HD movies, along with seamless access to all the movies on their Premiere system. The Premiere system will retain its ability to import content from disc, as it does today.

This new solution is called Kaleidescape Co-Star. More information is available at the links below:

• FAQ for Customers
• FAQ for Dealers
• Dealer Quick Reference
• Software Limitations

Installation Documents

• Co-Star Quick Start
• Co-Star Installation Guide

Co-Star for Lumagen Installation Documents

• Co-Star for Lumagen Quick Start
• Co-Star for Lumagen Installation Guide

Co-Star for Crestron Documents

• Co-Star for Crestron Overview
• Co-Star for Crestron Configuration

We have created a short video that shows how Co-Star is installed and configured, and also includes a demonstration:

Product Images:
Kaleidescape Co-Star Reviews:

Ryan Oerth, Audio Visions

We installed the Co-Star here in our experience center. Both the hardware and software portion of the install were quick, easy, and straight-forward. The entire installation process took about 15 minutes. The new combined movie menus integrate perfectly and when selecting a movie on either system they play as quickly as if all the content truly come from the same server.

We’re excited to tell our existing Kaleidescape clients about this great new upgrade option!

Jeff Cherun, Teatro Custom Installation

We recently integrated our Kaleidescape Co-Star into our Strato/Premiere system. Installation was seamless and simple. It literally took one minute to do. The necessary software update and browser setup was also very straightforward and the movie collections instantly merged in a very clean way.

We are thrilled with this solution to blend our 4K and 4K HDR collections with our large HD and SD movie collection. This is a perfect solution and very highly recommended to anyone with a Kaleidescape system looking to either add 4K to their Kaleidescape experience or blend two existing systems.

Brandon Haggard, Dallas Extreme

The system has worked seamless!  Another GREAT system by Kaleidescape!  Amazing how you always raise the bar and make the competition seem so far behind!  You always put out excellent products and services.  Thank you for the enjoyable experience – SUPER COOL!

Matt Antonucci, Customer

I received the Co-Star today and without exaggeration, had it installed and running within 30 minutes of arriving at my door.  It could not have been easier, as the device came with everything needed to connect.  Kaleidescape was even nice enough to include two high quality HDMI cables that are required to connect it.

Once it is physically connected, it‘s as simple as going into the settings tab, and a few clicks later, it’s done!  Browsing the UI now reveals all movies that reside in both the Strato and Premiere servers.  After the upgrade, the lists of movies presented via the on screen display are rendered spectacularly in 4K.  The text is crystal clear and simply put, makes the Kaleidescape experience second to none.