Disc Collection Options

Based on the size of a customer’s collection or the number of desired viewing zones, here are some options for integrating disc collections into a Kaleidescape system:

Large Disc Collections (more than 600 discs)

Pairing a 1U+ Premiere server with an M700 disc vault enables a system to scale and support a disc collection of any size. You can integrate a number of discs vaults with a Premiere system, with each vault holding up to 320 discs in any combination of DVD and Blu-ray. Blu-ray discs are imported to the server for rapid (less than 5 seconds) playback, with DVDs cataloged and played directly from the vault. All movies are presented in Kaleidescape’s interface for easy management and access.

Large Number of Viewing Zones

For customers who want to view their movie collection in a large number of zones, Premiere is also the correct choice. Again, with a 1U+ Premiere server and a disc vault (or vaults), any number of M300 and M500 players can be added to the system, allowing up to 15 Blu-ray-quality or 50 DVD-quality movies to be played simultaneously. (Note that only one physical DVD disc can be played from a disc vault at a time.)

Small to Medium Disc Collections (fewer than 600 discs)

Customers with more modest disc collections—and those working with a tighter budget—can manage their disc libraries by pairing an Alto with up to two DV700 disc vaults. The Alto will catalog all DVD and Blu-ray discs in the vault without importing them. That means up to 640 physical discs can be managed with virtually no impact on the Alto’s 6 TB internal storage, which is used for downloading content from the Kaleidescape Movie Store. Two Altos can be paired, allowing customers to build a two-zone system for managing all of their discs while providing access to all HD and SD content on the Movie Store. To help you close these sales, Kaleidescape offers an Alto-with-DV700 bundle at a 20% discount to the end user. (This promo can be found on the dealer extranet.)

Ultra HD

Customers wanting a solution that can handle DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra-HD 4K films can use Co-Star to pair a Strato with a Premiere or Alto system (instructions here). This will present their entire movie library in a unified collection using Strato’s beautiful 4K onscreen interface. While Strato can’t play 4K Blu-ray discs, virtually every 4K Blu-ray disc comes with a digital download code, and the Movie Store now features hundreds of 4K UHD movies from every studio, including Disney and Lionsgate. Going forward, encourage your customers to buy new content from the store so it can be added to their systems in the simplest way possible.