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Pure cinema.

Only Kaleidescape can deliver the ultimate home cinema experience. Curated from studio masters, Kaleidescape movies are painstakingly reviewed by experts for sound, image, and subtitle clarity and accuracy. They are then annotated with lighting cues, screen masking details, and popular scenes you can go back to. Kaleidescape movies contain considerably more information than streamers or even 4K Blu-ray discs.

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In the elusive quest for cinematic excellence, upgrading downstream components yields only incremental improvement. But invest in ultimate quality at the source, and you’ll experience profound optimization of your entire system from end to end … leading to a more impactful and emotional movie-watching experience.


An escape

in every room.

The Kaleidescape Terra server ensures maximum storage flexibility while supporting any number of Strato players throughout your home. Enjoy simultaneous playback of up to eight 4K movies with zero loss in resolution. Seamlessly combine multiple Terra servers to scale your capacity without limits.

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